2012 'Countdown' Scam
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What is it?

The 2012 Official Countdown scam is just another boring 2012 scam at first look, but take a closer look and you will find something completely different. It is one big advertisement. About a month ago, after one of us signed up to the 'Free 2012 Report' kindly offered to us by the 2012 Official Countdown 'team', I began receiving countless e-mails telling me that there is a new constant source of energy that I could tap into for free. I did not remember signing up to such a thing.

What makes it such a scam? What's to say it isn't real?

We are yet (for now) to purchase a copy of the actual full report but from what can be inferred from the website is pure BS. Here is the published list of what the report offers you, and our contradictions on each…

"The real truth about Government Cover-ups, Swine Flu Pandemics and known natural disasters that are headed our way…and how people with power are not telling you everything they know…" The real truth about swine flu pandemics is medical science and has nothing to do with the 2012 rumours.

"Learning how you can help turn what many believe to be the darkest period in history into the most enlightened. Could universal racial harmony really be achievable?" Sorry, when did aliens come into this?

"The truth about the Sibylline Books and the end of the world. And how so much faith has been put in texts that turn out to be a fraud…" Say what?

"Discovering the massive “phantom” that's hiding right behind the sun. Is it Niburu? Planet X? Something else entirely? And how will this change your survival plan?" Yes, the huge object behind the sun that the astronauts missed…

"An multi-pronged survival plan. Will it be Adam and Eve all over again? If so… Do you have what it takes to start over for humanity?" Grammar fail? And thanks but I'm not really interested in centuries of incestial reproduction.

"The I-Ching Prophecies… Mayan calendars… Hopi Indians teachings… Aztec calendars… On what subjects are they in sync? This might blow your mind!" Blow my mind with what? A random stab in the dark?

"Unearthing the truth about “The Fifth Age Of Man” and whether 2012 is an ending… or a much needed new beginning for us all." Seriously, what are you on about?

"Realizing “The Age Of Aquarius” isn't merely a Hippie anthem, but a time in history we're already in. And how does this coincide with “The Age Of Completion”?" What's next on your list of randomly selected 'ages' to ramble on about?

"Discovering how you'll deal with simple things like drinkable water… breathable air… even going to the bathroom in 2012. It may not be pretty… but you'll have to know this stuff!" I don't think think a need a tutorial about visiting the toilet.

What do they send you?

Although the admin does occasionally give you a little reminder about the end of the world as we know it, he has resorted to constant advertisements.

Should I join it?

Only if you enjoy inbox spamming

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