Alice Enevoldsen
Alice Enevoldsen on the 2012 hoax.

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Alice Enevoldsen is a science educator working at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle WA. She has written a teaching resource published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, in which she says:

I truly hope 2012 brings less tragedy than previous end-of-the-world predictions like those of Heaven's Gate and other doomsday cults. Fear and panic are very real even if 2012 is not. Seek professional help for anyone you know who is truly afraid.1

Some of the basic simple steps in dealing with children on this subject bear repeating:

  • Validate: Validate their interest in the topic and acknowledge correct facts first.
  • Quash: Share the facts from reliable sources.
  • Suggest: Find some common ground, talk about real astronomical events.

This much-needed teaching resource is available online and as a downloadable PDF. This publication also appears on our resources page.

1. Enevoldsen, Alice. 2012 Universe in the Classroom No. 79, Winter 2012 Astronomical Society of the Pacific.


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