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All files are in Adobe PDF format. The files are named based on the date range that they cover. The date format is YYYYMMDD. The WikiDot files module will sort these in ascending date order, so the most recent file will always be at the bottom of the list.

File nameFile typeSize
20111121-20111127.pdfPDF document101.38 kBInfo
20111212-20111218.pdfPDF document101.31 kBInfo
20111219-20111225.pdfPDF document101.26 kBInfo
20111226-20120101.pdfPDF document101.37 kBInfo
20120102-20120108.pdfPDF document101.39 kBInfo
20120109-20120115.pdfPDF document101.96 kBInfo
20120116-20120122.pdfPDF document101.28 kBInfo
20120123-20120129.pdfPDF document101.29 kBInfo
20120130-20120205.pdfPDF document101.25 kBInfo
20121011-20121211.pdfPDF document121.8 kBInfo


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