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Barbara Hand Clow
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Barbara Hand Clow


Barbara Hand Clow (b. February 14, 1943 in Saginaw Michigan) is an American Astrologer and author.

The Calleman connection

Barbara Hand Clow promotes Carl Johan Calleman’s ideas that the Maya Calendar will end in 2011. However, She adds her own idea that that the Pleiadians1 will lift their quarantine of the earth between 2011 and 2012. Hand Clow concludes that only humans who have embraced the Nine Dimensions2 of the Pleiadians will survive past 2012.

Barbara Hand Clow catapulted to public notice when she wrote “Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets”3 in 1987. As an astrologer, she described Chiron4 as a planet wandering between Uranus and Saturn. Afterwards, Hand Clow wrote a series a books on her past lives5. While writing these books, she became a channeler of the Pleiadians. As Hand Clow became acquainted with more alternative writers at Bear & Company, she merged her ideas with theirs.

Her Views on 2012

Channeling Satya, a Pleiadian Goddess, Hand Clow details Pleiadian involvement with 2012. At the end of the Mayan Calendar, the Pleiadians will help to usher in the Age of Aquarius on the earth. However since humans were scarred from a massive disturbance of the earth’s crust in 9500 BCE, they expect an apocalypse to happen in 20126. Therefore, the Pleiadians placed the earth in quarantine to be lifted at that time. Hand Clow credits her ideas on D.S. Allan and J.B. Delair’s 1997 book “Cataclysm/Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C.”7

After reading Calleman’s book, Hand Clow correlated important periods on the earth with the Mayan Calendar. She explained that since time is speeding up, it is important that we heal ourselves from this initial disaster. If humans do not overcome the Western imperialist paradigm and embrace the Nine Realms of Consciousness of the Pleiadians, they are doomed.8 She strives in her writings and workshops to open as many people as possible to the Nine Dimensions. After 2011 to 2012, only these people will survive and be in “ecstatic communion with nature and the Creator”9 According to Hand Clow, the Pleiadians say that harmonic biology is seeding the Milky Way. This new biology coming from the earth will be disseminated throughout the Galaxy on December 21, 2012.10


Barbara Hand Clow received a Masters in Theology at Loyola University. Her master thesis compared Jungian psychoanalytic technique with past life therapy. While at Loyola, she studied under Mathew Fox, at the Institute for Creation-Centered Theology. Now professional astrologer, she believes that astrology is the most accurate diagnostic tool in working with people.11

Basis of her Expertise on the Mayan Calendar:

She writes,

“Ultimately, my understanding of the Calendar is very intuitive, since I am an active indigenous and Western shaman trained to travel in many worlds. Maya shamans initiated me at many of their sacred sites while I studied the Calendar. It is time to share what I learned from them12, which I know my Maya teachers, Hunbatz Men13 and Don Alejandro Oxlaj14, and my Cherokee teachers, my grandfather Gilbert Hand15 and J.T. Garrett16 will appreciate. My understanding of how the Pleiades star system is part of the Cherokee/Maya thought is especially valuable, because since birth I have been living simultaneously on Earth and in the mind of Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades. In my childhood, Grandfather Hand taught me that Earth and Alcyone are my homes. I’ve never forgotten my star origins – not for a moment – since the Maya and the Cherokee are the people of the Pleiades.”17

Why is She Important?

As a writer, book publisher and popular workshop leader, Barbara Hand Clow disseminates her ideas as well as those of Jose Arguelles, John Major Jenkins, and Carl John Calleman on the importance of 2012. Her work is derivative18 of these three writers, and others with whom she was acquainted with during her ownership of Bear & Company. Barbara Hand Clow represents the vein of thought that trusts only alternative sources and authors. Her reasoning is that the mainstream scientists and others are being manipulated by various “elites”.19

She writes,

“From 1982 until 2000 I was the co-publisher20 of Bear & Company, then located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We published the work of Jose Arguelles, John Major Jenkins, and other Maya researchers. Then in 2004, Bear published Carl Johan Calleman. As things turned out, by living and working in this field during the 1980s through early 2000, I was exposed to a whole new vista of what the Maya thought about more than a thousand years ago. This vista is what I call the Maya time-acceleration legacy, a view that is very important for the whole world now.”21

“Since 1987, three great modern philosophers have published master works on the Mayan Calendar: Joes Arguelles with “The Mayan Factor” in 1987; John Major Jenkins with “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012” in 1998; and Carl Johan Calleman with two versions of “The Mayan Calendar” in 2001 and 2004.”22 “All three teach that learning the secrets of the Maya can inspire humans to become enlightened and derail the Western imperialistic train to hell. I believe we will derail that train to hell, and the way we will do it is to create peace in our world.”23

Her Son’s Deaths and 2012

Before writing “The Mayan Code”, Hand Clow suffered a major tragedy of losing two of her four children – one to an accident, the other to suicide. Because of this, she sold Bear & Company. However, Hand Clow strongly felt that they were both responding to the Galactical Change24 as described by the Mayas. Therefore, she decided that it was her mission to see that their deaths were not in vain. She writes: “The hardest thing about letting my job go was that I was afraid it might prevent the crucial Maya codes from getting to the public in time. Academic publishers were not willing to publish the works of these highly speculative authors who were letting air into an academic field that was beginning to stagnate.”25

“My sons’ deaths were intimately involved in my awakening to the wisdom of the Calendar, so we need to know a little more about Tom and Matthew.”26 “Matthew drowned in Red Rock Lake in Montana while he was setting in trout cages for a grant project he’d just been awarded. Given that Mathew left Earth so shortly after the great 1998 galactic alignment27, this may have been something he could feel, since he was so sensitive to our planet. His wife Hillary and I believe that he *was* responding to that energy shift in the Galaxy in 1998.”28

“My forty-one-year-old son Tom ‘borrowed’ The Mayan Calendar from Bob (Hand Clow’s brother). Tom was very curious about the Calendar because our Maya elder, Hunbatz Men had given Tom the full Quiche Maya warrior codes during the “1989 Maya Initiatic Journey”29 in the Yucatan, a gathering for indigenous teachers”30 “When Venus crossed the Sun on June 6, 2004 – a key event in the Mayan Calendar – Tom hanged himself from a tree, It cannot be meaningless that just before Tom took his life, he was reading Carl Johan Calleman’s seminal book, which emphasizes the importance of spiritual access to greater consciousness during the Venus Passage.”31 “Indeed, his soul may have chosen to go to spirit during the Venus passage so that he could exert a powerful influence from the other side.”32

Problems with Hand Clow’s Channelings

When Hand Clow first channeled Satya in 1995, she stated that this being was an “Astrologer, Keeper of the Records for the Pleiades and the Central Pleiadian Library of Alcyone (32). However, Hand Clow on her website refers to Satya as a Goddess and teaches “Goddess Alchemy”. (33) This points directly to Hand Clow’s agenda of promoting the Goddess Religion. In fact, she writes,

“In my opinion, the reason this transition is so horrific is that the patriarchy must die so the betrayed feminine can again reign on Earth. I equate the feminine with all that is sacred and whole, and I totally trust this process. We must have compassion for our men as the patriarchy dissolves, and we must speak from our hearts about the grave injustices.”


Two other problems with Hand Clow’s channelings are what Satya first said about the catastrophe that occurred on the Earth, and her focus on the 4D Anunnaki (35). In 1995, this Keeper of the Records stated that the catastrophe happened in 10,800 BCE when the Earth’s poles shifted. Also in 1995, the 4D Anunnaki were wrecking havoc amongst humans, and affecting the Earth’s future. However at this time, no concerns about 2012 were voiced.

The ceremony that Hand Clow does during her workshops is neither Cherokee nor Mayan. It is a hodgepodge of Medicine Wheel teachings (36), Calleman’s World Tree (37), and Neo-Pagan rituals (38). What she does is to set up a protective circle and call in the Pleiadians. This circle of people and “aliens” moves through time and space to the Earth’s center. As part of her ceremony, Hand Clow uses a Pipe (something which many Native Americans find offensive). (39)


Barbara Hand Clow is a derivative writer who takes other people’s ideas, and then adds her own twist. Her channelings reflect this. In 1995, the Pleiadians were focused on violence in society and not 2012. Only after knowing Arguelles, Calleman, and Jenkins, did she change her channelings. When Hand Clow elevated Satya to Goddess, she set out her actual agenda of bringing back the Divine Feminine. Also by disseminating Calleman’s ideas about 2012, could she then cope with her sons’ deaths.

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