Big Book of Nibiru Claims
In search of definitions….

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2012 is a hoax!

It's only really now, after seeing another nonsense claim on YouTube, that I've sat back a bit and tried to work out just how many claims there have been regarding where Nibiru is and what it will do, even what it is doing right now.

What is it?

  • Brown dwarf
  • Planet orbiting a brown dwarf
  • Nemesis, the Sun's companion
  • Starship

For the most part, people are 'consistent' with the brown dwarf angle. Which of course goes completely against what Sitchin first proposed Nibiru to be…

Where is it?

  • 'Edge of our solar system'
  • 60-66 AU from the Sun
  • 'Coming from the south'
  • 'Near the sun'
  • 'Behind the sun'
  • Behind the black boxes in Google Sky
  • Exactly where Venus/Mars/Jupiter/CW Leonis/SNR G1.9+0.3 is (you think maybe you're actually looking at those objects, hmm?)
  • 'At these coordinates' (which usually point to a known object, or a black box in Google)
  • In the constellation of…

Wherever it is, it is of course 'being tracked by the Government'…

What will it do?

  • Collide with Earth
  • Come close to Earth, but not collide (that'd be devastating…)
  • Flip the Earth over on it's axis
  • Reverse the magnetic poles
  • Stop the Earth from rotating for a precise amount of time, before we begin to rotate again (and possibly backwards if I remember rightly)
  • Create huge storms, tsunamis, earthquakes and the like
  • Add to the gravitational troubles of the galactic alignment (you know, the troubles that we just don't feel…)

What is it doing already?

  • [insert date of Earthquake here]
  • [insert date of Volcano here]
  • [insert each and every storm warning here]
  • Sinkholes (always sinkholes, it's like Nibiru is constantly poking Earth)
  • Shrinking the Moon (you read that correctly)
  • Causing coronal mass ejections/solar flares/solar storms from the Sun
  • Producing it's own coronal mass ejections (I think one claim mentioned that one of Nibiru's CME's vaporized a comet. Sounds interesting, were it not for the fact that it was an internal reflection and diffraction artifact from STEREO of Venus leaving the field of view…)
  • Norway Spiral / Australian Spiral
  • Did you get a parking ticket recently? Nibiru has it in for you, man…

Why can't we see it?

  • 'They' are censoring it (with a black box, dun-dun-duuun)
  • It's a brown dwarf
  • It's only visible from the South Pole
  • Only visible with infrared equipment
  • 'They' don't want to cause a panic
  • It's invisible/cloaked
  • It doesn't actually exist

Oh no, sorry, that last claim was mine…

What are 'they'/The Government doing about it?

  • Silencing/censoring/deleting videos (oh gosh no, not the videos!)
  • Building bunkers (and spending trillions of dollars on them too)
  • Keeping vast seed reserves
  • Tracking it

Reasons not to take any evidence to the contrary:

  • We work for 'the Government'
  • We are trolls
  • 'They' want you to think that
  • CONSPIRACY (with or without 'the government', the 'NWO', the Annunaki themselves, Reptilians, NASA. Goddamn NASA…)
  • The evidence disagrees with us (well, nobody has actually claimed that, but I bet that's what some are thinking)
  • I had a vision, it's stronger than any evidence you can offer. (I must meditate too sometime. If only to rest my brain from trying to reason with you…)

Damn. Big list. Full of contradictions, backed up with no credible evidence, and uploaded in some form or other on a daily basis. The things we do to combat it, eh?



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