Claimed Evidence
To bolster their claims of a significant event occurring in 2012, proponents are misusing science, making outright fabrications, and invoking fringe beliefs such as astrology and numerology. We examine the evidence.

So, what does the infinite nature of the Mayan calendar have to do with the world ending? As it turns out, plenty. First mix in a bit of mysticism, some astrology, some mayanism, add some scientific half-truths, some numerology, baseless claims, and utter nonsense, then shake.

The result will be an incoherent mess of ideas and claims, many of them contradicting each other, which is exactly what we see when we examine the claims of a 2012 doomsday.

There are a horde of different claims now being made for the December solstice, 2012. Most of these claims are impossible, many of the rest are such nonsense that “impossible” can’t even begin to cover it. Many of these claims are simply rehashed claims made during prior doomsday predictions. Some of them are overt rip-offs of prior doomsday predictions.

Many of these claims fall in the field of astronomy. Some of the claims being made in this field are:An alignment of the planets; An alignment between the earth, sun and the center of the galaxy; An alignment beween the solstice sun and the center of the galaxy; The solar system will pass through the galactic plane; Either the Sun or the entire solar system will pass through a 'dark rift'; That there are various doomsday objects that will impact the Earth in 2012, including Nibiru, Planet X, Asteroids, a comet, or the hypothetical Nemesis.

We will also see how YouTube and missing data from Google Sky made it easy for them to spread the rumours.

For each topic we refute and debunk the claims made by the "2012 doomsday" proponents.


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