An archive of online debates regarding 2012

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The art of debating is a time honored institution which allows both sides to be heard fairly.

The art of Debating

Constructive debate is an art, but one that is very important to our culture. The free exchange of ideas is supported when all sides are heard fairly, and not shouted down. This does not mean that nonsense ideas are valid, but rather that all ideas and positions have to play by the same rules.

Evidence is crucial. If you have no evidence, then your ideas are likely to be without merit.

Some Suggestions

Some suggestions from TruthTree[2]

  • Apply the scientific method.
  • Cite relevant personal experience.
  • Be polite.
  • Address your arguments to the idea, and not to the person.
  • Organize your response.
  • Do not generalize or stereotype your opponent1.
  • Cite sources for statistics and studies used.
  • Literacy works. Break posts into sentences and paragraphs.
  • Carefully read what you are responding to.
  • Stay open to learning.

Detecting BS

Read the Detecting BS page for suggestions on how to determine if you are being fed a line of BS or not.

Watch for fallacies

Keep an eye out for fallacies of logic in both your opponent's arguments, and in yours.[1]

The Debates

The "Christmas Eve" Debate contributor/publisher Bill Hudson challenges a person on Twitter to support their ideas. 20091224-debate

The "September 2011" Debates contributor/publisher Bill Hudson takes on a twitter doom-monger. 20110915-debate


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