offers a laundry list of bogus claims.

Image Unavailable yet another Profit of Doom.

A Veritable Clearinghouse

There is hardly a doomsday claim that has not managed to wedge into the 2012 hype. Just in the site's main menu the reader can find links to wild misinformation pertaining to:

To top it all off, the site maintains a blog and generously offers to sell you "2012 Survival Supplies," as well as CafePress t-shirts, mugs, books and videos. They also proudly display an animated graphic of 2012 "Celebrity Believers" who may or may not actually believe. Ultimately, celebrity endorsement (or endorsement by anyone) has nothing to do with whether a proposition is true, but it is a terrific advertising technique.

Conclusion is just another scam site trying to make a buck via fear-mongering. More or less every claim put forth there is addressed on


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