Desteni is a new agey conspiracy cult that can't make up its mind on what will happen on 2012.
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Sunette Spies, a member of Desteni, claims to be able to interview dead people and even inanimate objects via an "interdimensional portal"

Desteni, or Desteni Productions, is a cult centered in South Africa. It was created by a man named Bernard Poolman. Desteni teaches that humanity was created as slaves by the Anunaki, who were really reptilian aliens (see Zecharia Sitchin for more information), and only they know how to free humanity from its slavery. They teach that masturbation leads to getting aroused at the sight of everything which leads to pedophilia, that poetry is mental masturbation, and that the imagination is bad.

Desteni has many followers on the Internet, and they practice something called "self-forgiveness," which basically consists of making blog posts, forum posts, or YouTube videos wherein you confess your failures to live up to Desteni's ridiculous standards.

In one video, Sunette (allegedly channeling someone named "Ian") claims that the end of time is in 2012, which means the end of "consciousness existence," or "consciousness designed program systems," or in plain English, the end of all life as we know it. Since they use the Mayan prediction story as the basis for this claim, there is no reason to take this seriously.

As "Jack," Sunette claims that nothing will happen.

A video on the YouTube channel DesteniProductions claims it will merely be the start of a new cycle.



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