These files are provided free of charge and without copyright restriction, as a public service to bloggers, webmasters, or others who would like to spread the word about the 2012 hoax. Use them on your site, blog, wiki, or wherever you'd like. We don't even ask that you link back to this site (although we'd appreciate it!) Brochures

As mentioned on the 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast, these are provided as a free resource to anyone who might be talking to kids about 2012. These files are in PDF format.


"No 2012" Logo

This logo is provided free of charge and copyright.

"No 2012" Logo with domain

This logo is provided free of charge and copyright.

The new "Don't Be Scammed" Logo

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"Only In The Movies"

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2012: Smells like BS

Image courtesy of contributor "PoshNinja"

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