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December 7, Earthplay Returns

Earthplay has been absent from the internet and radio for some time. This was due to his computers being confiscated by the FBI and Homeland Security pending investigation regarding "perceived threats" to the American Congress, Senate, and President.

It appears that during his hiatus he built up quite a backlog of bad science, which he vented when he returned to the internet. Several hours of confused nonsense ensued. Only a tiny fraction is covered here.

Wave prediction for December 17th

"I actually think that all hell is gonna break loose. I can feel it in my bones. Actually we can already see it going on around us. December 1st they quit reporting in real time everything, everything, and you guys are all aware of that, earthquakes, solar data, all of these things. It's an actual thing, this wave will come through, hit our solar system on the 17th. We'll know then, we'll know about the 17th if we're in trouble or not, because that's when this wave meets the heliosphere."

"But if you're out of the direct contact with this wave, you know, which are microwaves, infra red, ultra violet, and x-rays, and gamma rays, you can't see it, but you sure as hell will feel it [..] I have a place in mind where I can get into a concrete structure [..] I'm being told that its gonna melt the glaciers, it's gonna boil the oceans for, you know, several minutes. It's gonna be really bad. Anything exposed on the surface."

It is often difficult to know exactly what Earthplay is talking about, but here he appears to be misinterpreting the "Ibex wave" or "ribbon". This is thought to be a structure created by the interaction of the galactic magnetic field with the solar wind. It is about charged particles, not x-rays and gamma rays.

The ribbon is not moving towards the Earth, and it poses no threat to us.1

USGS conspiracy theory

Earthplay: "The USGS does not report earthquakes in real time any more, one hour after the event they'll put up a orange dot, but you won't see red dots on that map any more [..] On USGS you won't see any red dots any more, you can look at that map for 2,3,4,5,6 hours, you'll never see a red dot."

Wrong. The USGS are still indicating the latest earthquakes with red dots.

Earth's Core

Earthplay is still claiming that earthquakes and volcanoes have increased, and that "just all kind of bizarre things" are happening to the planet. In fact, there have been less earthquakes this year than previous years, with far fewer deaths, no overall increase in volcanic activity, and nothing particularly "bizarre". The only real changes that the Earth is experiencing can be attributed to global warming, which of course he denies, despite all of the evidence.2

Earthplay: "I'm firmly convinced that what's going on right now with the Earth changes is not an exterior or something coming from space that's influencing us, I think it's coming from the core of the Earth itself [..] They now think that there's a metallic lattice, which is a crystal, metallic crystals growing around the outside of the core of the Earth, that means that it has growth potential [..] it's changing, something in the dynamics of the core itself is changing [..] I have come across information recently, talking with individuals that this is all a result of the core of the Earth. They're taking pictures of it, they have determined that it is spinning in the opposite direction of the mass of the planet."

In fact, the Earth's inner core rotates in the same direction as the rest of the planet, but slightly faster.3 A 2005 analysis of miniscule changes in travel times of seismic waves showed a difference in rotation speed between the core and surface of about 0.3 to 0.5 degrees per year. More recent research in 2011 has reduced this to 0.1 to 1 degrees every million years. So basically, the core rotates along with the rest of the planet. A situation where the core was spinning in the opposite direction would obviously be unstable, the immense friction between the contra-rotating materials would soon drag the core around to spin in the same direction as the rest of the planet.

And regarding the "metallic lattice" - this is a recent DISCOVERY, NOT A NEWLY OCCURRING PHENOMENON.
There is nothing to worry about in any of this.

Asteroid DA 14

On 15 February 2013, asteroid DA14 will pass the Earth at a distance of approximately 35,000 km. It's orbit is known. The probability of it hitting the Earth is essentially ZERO. But that does not stop Earthplay stirring up fear with this story:

"this 2012 DA14, the valentines day asteroid [..] I had talked to an air force pilot, he said that they were under orders to have all of their affairs in order by January the 1st of 2013 [..] the last thing he said to me is that 'none of us were gonna have a very good Valentines day this year' [..] I kinda took that as a warning that this object could conceivably, it's already a planet grazer, could re-enter the atmosphere and strike somewhere on the planet."

Coronal Holes (again)

Earthplay: "These large coronal holes start opening up on the surface of the sun, these things are massive, some of them are real massive, and what they determined is that when these coronal holes open on the surface of the Sun, that they stream Gamma, streams of Gamma, directly out into space, and directly at Earth should Earth be facing one of these coronal holes."

Coronal Holes are not holes "on the surface of" the Sun, they are regions of the Sun's upper atmosphere, the Corona. This is like confusing a gap in the clouds with a hole in the ground.

Coronal holes do not "stream gamma rays". They are regions where the corona is colder and darker than normal. They appear darker in images taken in ultra violet light because they emit LESS radiation. What they DO emit is the "fast component" of the solar wind, which consists of charged particles, not gamma radiation.

Earthplay has been corrected on these points on at least 3 occasions to my knowledge. He must be aware of the facts by now but he continues to ignore them. This is not just ignorance, but willful ignorance, scaremongering, and dishonesty.

Ice age, not now.

Earthplay then read out a string of news items from "Ice Age Now", a crackpot website where any instance of cold weather or any flake of snow anywhere in the world supposedly proves that we are entering a new Ice Age. All we need to say here is that weather is not climate!

Earthplay then claimed that "the last 2 years in a row have seen record breaking sea ice coverage". On other occasions he has claimed that ice cover has increased at both poles.

In fact, we have seen a massive overall reduction in ice. We have seen record-breaking losses of sea ice in the Arctic. This loss was in no way offset by the slight increase in sea ice around Antarctica (and even this can be attributed to global warming changing the winds)4. And while East Antarctica has been gaining some ice, west Antarctica and the Antarctic peninsula are losing twice as much. Recent studies have shown that Greenland and Antarctica have lost four trillion tonnes of ice in 20 years5.

Comet storm

"I was talking about a comet storm that started on December the 13th of 2010, when 25 comets impacted the solar surface in a 10 day period, December 13th through 24th I believe of 2010, and we to this date are STILL in that comet storm. An average of 1 to 2 to 4 comets have impacted the solar surface every day, or every other day, since that comet storm started."

"we have been in a deep solar minimum for 5 years [..] about 2 years ago that changed a little bit, and it's not because the cycle, the solar cycle, had started going up, it's because of all of the comets that have been slamming into the solar surface, and going around the sun creating reactions, maybe electrical and magnetic, but they're definitely reactions, and we're still in this comet stream."

The 2010 "storm" consisted of 25 very small (10-meter class) comets. It ended on December 22nd.6

Spacecraft such as SOHO and STEREO have greatly increased our ability to detect comets. SOHO allows us to see smaller, fainter comets closer to the Sun than ever before, including the "sungrazer" family of small comets. Before 1979 less than a dozen of these were known. As of 2012 we know of 2,500.

DETECTING more comets does not mean that there ARE more comets.

And regarding the Sun coming out of it's minimum - it is going through it's 11 year cycle, a cycle that we have been observing for hundreds of years. Comets have nothing to do with it. They are insignificant. Even the largest comets are only a few tens of kilometers. The Sun's diameter is over 1,300,000 km.

To put this into perspective: "A few simple calculations can show that a SOHO comet striking the Sun is, dimensionally speaking, approximately the equivalent of a tennis ball striking Australia… and the tennis ball has the density of a soft scoop of ice cream and Australia is at least thousands of degrees Celsius! The tiny comets are of no significance to the Sun, and would plunge in completely unnoticed (and would likely evaporate long before reaching the surface anyway)."7

Photon Belt and Jupiter's core

"There is a pervasive magnetic and photonic wave, I guess would be the best description, that has permeated and swept through and past our solar system, and it has left quite a bit of evidence that this is happened [..] proof that this wave, that's being called a photon belt, that's what they're calling it, I prefer to call it like a photonic or magnetic wave, because that's what it is. As it moved through and past our solar system it left some measurable changes in the entire solar system."

There is no evidence for this. The whole idea of a Photon Belt is ludicrous. Photons do not form belts.

Earthplay's "evidence":

"a report that the mass, interior mass of Jupiter was beginning to dissolve or break up [..] because with radio spectranalysis spectrographic analysis type of instruments they can read the mass inside the plasma of the jovian atmosphere, so they had a pretty good idea of what the core of jupiter was all about".

Wrong. Jupiter's core is not "beginning" to dissolve, it has been doing so for MILLIONS OF YEARS.

Calculations suggest that some materials in Jupiter's core may become liquefied, and then dispersed into the rest of the planet via convection currents. This would make the core smaller today than it was at the planet's birth. The original research paper states; "The amount of core material redistributed *over the lifetime of the planet* could be on the orders of tens of percent for a planet of Jupiter size."

It is dishonest of Earthplay to present a millions of years old process as something that has just started happening.

Also, this story did NOT arise from recent "spectranalysis", it came from calculations regarding the chemistry of rock solubility in fluid hydrogen: "choosing MgO as a representative example of planetary rocky materials, and find MgO to be highly soluble in H for temperatures in excess of approximately 10000 K, implying significant redistribution of rocky core material in Jupiter and larger exoplanets."

None of this has anything to do with a supposed "photonic wave" passing through the solar system.

Magnetic Highway

" 'spacecraft enters the sun's magnetic field connected to the milky way' this is it, kind of vindicating the work of Dr Paul La Violette, professor James McCanney, and some of the things that I've been working on myself [..] I have been taking crap for this for 3 years and now its an official scientific report. I've been saying this exact same thing for 3 years, so I feel a little bit vindicated today."

He is confusing two different things here. La Violette's "superwave" theory involves occasional outbursts from the centre of the galaxy, whereas the "magnetic highway" involves the continuous exchange of particles from the Sun and the region just outside it's influence. Note that the magnetic highway discovery does not change the amount of cosmic ray particles that we receive, it is only improving our knowledge of how and where these particles enter the solar system.

Expectations for December 21st

"I have been one of the proponents of the people saying that I believe that something will happen on December 21st of 2012 [..] when you start looking back in the historical antiquity of ancient civilisations it turns out that there are 22 civilizations that come up with that date exactly. The winter solstice of 2012 [..] it's the closest that we get, to within 7 degrees of the galactic plane and 1 degree to the galactic center. This only happens every 26,000 years."

Earthplay's misunderstandings of the solstice "alignment" have been covered here -

"So I don't think that December the 21st of 2012 is the end. It may be the end of the world as you KNOW it. The planet is gonna do well, it's the people and the things that live on it's surface that need worry about these things [..] I think that we need to keep one eye open for a disturbance of what exactly was it that 22 ancient civilizations and all of our science is starting to confirm [..] I do have this, like I said, this queasy little feeling that, you know, something could blindside us, something like a Gamma Ray Burster or a stream of photons and electrons."

Flintstone Cops?

And finally we come to what I believe is the fundamental driving force behind Earthplay's scaremongering.

In the very first section I ever wrote about Earthplay I said: "The single term most descriptive of his personality would be "anti-authority". I now submit that he has no real interest in science, nor any desire to genuinely learn about the universe, but that his seeking out and broadcasting of exclusively harmful natural phenomena is motivated by a desire for it to bring down Authority, as evinced by the following:

Earthplay: "I really hope something does happen on December the 21st, that blindsides us and sets us back to the stone age, it'll be unfortunate for a lot of people, but I would look forward to peace and tranquility and a non police state [..] you know, get us back to our fundamentals, a free and open society. We ARE a police establishment and everybody knows it [..] it's a done deal, cut and dried, we are not becoming a police state, we are living in an established police state [..] the person that's being hunted is you, by the federal government. If you think that you're gonna get away from them, in their current state, you're sadly mistaken [..] eluding the police state is not an option [..] the demise of the police state is the only solution for our future."

"I'd just better shut up. I'm gonna have guys in suits banging on my door, again. Real soon."

Earthplay on Freedomslips Radio

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Aug 2012. Forum item.

June 2012, two science stories mangled out of all recognition.

First, this story at NASA:

Earthplay (spoken): "There's some really important news in the science realm today. Catching solar particles infiltrating the Earth's atmosphere. You guys know that I've been talking about this, how the solar wind neutralizes the magnetic field of the Earth because they're the same, the same energy, they complement one another, so the solar wind is able to penetrate and get further and deeper into the Earth's atmosphere. Well today they finally acknowledged that."

WRONG. This phenomenon, known as a Ground Level Enhancement (GLE) has been known for over half a century.

About 100 GLE's have been observed in the last 70 years. The largest ever observed was in 1956. They are detected by Neutron Monitors, which were invented in 1948. They are caused by the high velocity of the particles, not by the solar wind "neutralizing Earth's magnetic field".8 -9

Earthplay continues: ".. on May 17th, when an M-class flare exploded from the Sun. The eruption also shot out a burst of solar particles travelling at nearly the speed of light, so they're very fast, usually they get here in about 8 minutes, but this particular one got here about 20 minutes later, so it wasn't particularly fast, it was under the speed of light. But what they noticed that on May 17th they were so fast and energetic that they collided with the atoms of the Earth's atmosphere and caused a shower of particles to cascade down towards the Earth's surface .."

This is a well known mechanism, an Atmospheric Cascade, or Air Shower. Diagrams of these showers sometimes give the impression that all of the particles hit the ground, but in fact only a small proportion make it all the way down. Ground based Neutron Monitors detect the secondary hadronic component, generated by collisions of primary particles with atomic nuclei in the upper atmosphere.

".. The shower created WHAT IS NOW BEING CALLED a Ground Level Enhancement from solar activity. Did you understand what they were saying there?! .."

Wrong. GLE's have been called that for decades.

".. it started creating storms on the Earth's surface .."

No, it created a small increase in Neutron flux above the normal background level, which lasted for about an hour.

".. This is the first time they've ever acknowledged or said anything of this .."

A RIDICULOUS claim. Science has "acknowledged" AND HAS BEEN MEASURING these events for decades.

".. they had always led the public to believe that this interaction could only happen with satellites, telecommunication, maybe power grids, etc, etc"

Wrong again. It is public knowledge that there is a worldwide array of ground based neutron detectors, feeding a publicly searchable database at

The only new element in this story (which was sensationalized as per usual by the media) is that the size of the flare that created the GLE was smaller than expected. This is very interesting to astronomers, to be sure, but it is IN NO WAY a recent "admission" of a new phenomenon as Earthplay claims, and it does NOT support his claim about neutralizing the magnetic field.

The second story is this;

Earthplay: "Then, here's another one that just smacks you right upside the head. New scientific data depicts recently new observations of electromagnetic waves, x-rays, gamma rays, and particle flux, connected with thunderstorm activity, did you hear that?! Connected with thunderstorm activity. Have significantly altered the traditional picture of the Earth's atmospheric environment. They're not talking about solar flares, they're talking about the galactic centre, cosmic rays and thunderstorms, this is well beyond the realm of our Sun, they're also acknowledging this, this is playing a major role in the Earth's environment."

The original story is from "The Thunderstorms and Elementary Particle Acceleration (TEPA-2012) conference"10

The conference talks about how electrical fields INSIDE THUNDERCLOUDS can create high energy electrons, which then create brief Terrestrial Gamma Flashes (TGF's). These were discovered in 1994 by NASA's Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory.11

All of these processes occur inside thunderclouds, the upper atmosphere, and the ionosphere. So why does Earthplay bring in the galactic centre?!?! -

"they're not talking about solar flares, they're talking about the galactic centre, cosmic rays and thunderstorms, this is well beyond the realm of our Sun".

No. They are talking about THUNDERCLOUDS. ON EARTH.

"they're also acknowledging this, this is playing a major role in the Earth's environment"

The role is from thunderclouds, on Earth.

So how did Earthplay get so confused? - Well, instead of going to the original source, he read a mangled version of it written by Earth Changes Media (a notorious Woo site) entitled "Galactic Center, Cosmic-Rays, and Thunderstorms". In this article, FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER, they inserted THEIR OWN material INTO the original thunderstorms story - they added nonsense about a "new element" in Mayan texts that will bring us into the 5th world, and how an escalation of thunderstorms and lightning will be a precursor to a cosmic-ray pulse from the center of the Milky Way.

Earthplay concludes;

".. we talk about this stuff all the time and we're ridiculed for it. And now here it is in mainstream science .."

Wrong. The "mainstream" scientific article had NOTHING to do with the galactic center or cosmic-ray pulses, those parts were ADDED ON by a woo site.

Audio source here.

February 2012 - Forum discussions



Failed earthquake scare, Jan 2012.

SUMMARY: Earthplay predicted a MAJOR earthquake in the USA within 6 days of January 8th, and serious earthquakes during the following 3 weeks. NONE of these happened.

Earthplay: "140 hours left on Earth […] I'm actually pretty serious. Y'all think that I'm kidding, but this is looking a little bit more serious that I expected it to be. My expectations is there's gonna be a large earthquake somewhere around San Diego, maybe from the Baja Bay of California. It's getting way serious. If it doesn't move along latitude rift there, it's gonna go up longitude along the Cascadia fault line. This is probably where we can see first indications of a serious event […] By my complicated system, that would be unrecognisable to an average person, because this is a poster board where I've kept trends and geological events here, for about the last 18 months. I do expect to see a MAJOR event in the next 140 hours. Roughly 5 and a half, 6 days."

An earthquake is classed as "major" if it reaches magnitude 7.0 or more12 -13 -14, but to be generous we will consider 6.0 and above.

A search of the USGS database15 showed that the total number of earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 and above, in the USA, from January 8 to 14, was ZERO.

Earthplay: "But I am not kidding. This is about as serious as I get […] there has been a mass exodus, if you look at the California newspapers […] mass animal migrations, including missing domestic pets, anywhere from 3 to 5 to 7 days before a large event […] if you were looking at a chart on a scale that went from white to black to red, we're in the red, there are that many cases of animal migrations […] I'm trying to get reports from the San Diego and the San Francisco zoo, but they won't talk to me. I just want to know what the elephants and the larger mammals […] how they're reacting"

"this trend looks like it's gonna go through about February the 2nd or 3rd, so it's a long window of about 3 weeks, and I expect there to be activity during that entire time frame. See what has happened here is that when you keep statistical graphs and data, and you see an exponential rise in everything going to the top of the graph, well once everything hits the top of the graph, you need a new graph. So when it goes from one graph to the next graph, you see that there's been a harmonic or resonant or vibrational change, that's what I'm seeing, cos it is literally going from one graph to the next graph and beyond, it actually goes from topping out one graph into another graph."

"these are gonna cause subsequent other fault lines and earthquakes to start moving […] latitudinally across the United States, from one coast to the next, so that's gonna encompass about 12 states. It's gonna last from about, let's call it January the 12th, through about February the 3rd. And I don't expect it to be quiet in that window. I expect to see a LOT of activity […] the greatest activity will be about January the 23rd, when that new moon hits, I expect that there would have been serious earthquake activity already. When the new moon hits, and the new tide rises, I think somewhere from the 12th to 23rd. And we're not actually out of that window until February the 3rd […] By the number, the location, the amplitude. In 5.8 days it will be off of the chart. At it's current rate, it will be completely off of the chart. Unchartable."


It is important to remember that Earthplay was predicting MAJOR events, not the numerous minor quakes that occur on a daily basis - he spoke of "a large earthquake", "a major event in the next 140 hours", "we're in the red", "from one coast to the next", "gonna encompass about 12 states", "serious earthquake activity", "a serious event".

Earthplay's dates covered the following periods:
140 hours from Jan 8 to Jan 14
"somewhere from the 12th to 23rd"
January the 12th to February the 3rd
Greatest activity about January the 23rd
Then finally "out of that window" on February the 3rd

Within that date range, there were NO large earthquakes (6.0 and above) in the USA.

Click on the map at the right, generated from the USGS database.

Sadly, some people believed Earthplay's predictions, including these chatroom guests:

(typed;) dwarfstar78: "i believe u 140 hours earthplay"
wvjeep: "true earthplay im taking you very serious."
theroadbuilder: earth … so not just the appearance of little quakes along this line
theroadbuilder: earh.. this would only affect the US and canada….right?
TexasJean: i always take Earthplay seriously
meliss_9: Western Colorado could be affected EP??
meliss_9: and here I thought I would be safer in Colorado than in California
meliss_9: will Western Colorado be inundated with water when North American Craton goes, EP??
wvjeep: the baja bay……will that flood
Earthplay: Time, : 5.65 days
tator tots: think this could split the usa ( a northern half and southern half).
(from audio;) 1: Yes, that is very, very disturbing news Earthplay. It means something's not right, especially the animals.
2: Earthplay, I just hope that you're wrong. But unfortunately you might be right.
3: I would take this very seriously folks, if Rick is right, and I think he is … this is not good news.

To those who consider Earthplay a credible source of information; please consider his ever-worsening track record, as evinced on these pages.

Other claims Jan 2012;

"5 of the 6 largest earthquakes in the WORLD have occurred in the last 7 years."

Wrong. TWO of the largest occurred in the last 7 years. NOT 5. And lists of the greatest quakes are biased towards recent years, due to the development and widespread deployment of seismometers.

The six largest were in 1960 (Chile), 1964 (Alaska), 2004 (Sumatra), 2011 (Japan), 1953 (Russia), 2010 (Chile).16

"The data behind this came out in 2010, from the European Geological Society in february of 2010, where they reported that the earthquake activity had an exponential rise of 400 percent from the year 2000 to the year 2010"

Earthplay repeatedly refers to this report, which he claims to have read on the Web, but for which he has NEVER been able to supply ANY reference.

  • All quotes in the above section are taken from talks given by Earthplay on Paltalk. The FULL CONTEXT is available in this audio file. Earthplay also made the same predictions on Freedomizer Radio January 2012.

December 10th 2011

Earthplay is now deeply involved with alleged scammers Terral Croft and Causic. He is supporting their Paltalk group and appearing with them on radio shows. Their objective is to build up as large a cult following as possible. Earthplay appears to be unaware that he is being manipulated and used to help facilitate this.

TerralO3 Needs Your Money Now! -

November 10 - Radio Show With Earthplay -

Revolution Radio - Tim Dulger, TerralO3, Causic, Earthplay, Deacon John, Andrew Russ -

For more radio shows go to YouTube and search for: Terral03 Earthplay

14 Months of Hell? - Primer.

Earthplay claims that starting on October 17th 2011 we will have "14 months of Hell". His reasons for this include "moving through the constellation of Ophiuchus", "skirting the Dark Rift", and "moving closer to the galactic plane".

If you are worried about this, please be assured that it has NO basis in reality. Earthplay is scientifically naive and very, very confused about astronomy (as has been shown many times on these pages).

One of his central misconceptions is that the Sun "moving through" a constellation actually takes us "through that region of space". This is simply not true. When astronomers say that "we are moving into Leo" or "the Sun is in Taurus" it is implicitly understood that neither the Sun nor the Earth are actually in those areas of space. Yes, the Sun does orbit the galaxy and it does move up and down through the plane, over periods of millions of years, but these motions have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the Sun's apparent passage through the constellations each year.

This cannot be emphasised enough.

  • The Sun's apparent movement through the constellations is an ILLUSION caused by the EARTH'S ORBIT around the Sun, NOT BY THE SUN'S MOVEMENT THROUGH SPACE, and NOT by the Sun's orbit around the galaxy.17 -18
  • So whenever Earthplay mentions "entering" or "passing through" Ophiuchus, or the Dark Rift, bear in mind that these are only visual illusions.
  • And whenever Earthplay mentions "Precession of the Equinoxes", bear in mind that this is caused by a LOCAL MOVEMENT of the Earth's axis - it is an angle, not a distance - it cannot take us closer to the Galactic Plane, or the Dark Rift, any more than tilting your head can take it closer to the Moon.

For further clarification, see the diagram at the end of this page.

14 Months of Hell?

July 10th 2011. Failed predictions.

Rick Earthplay: "I actually think that October the 17th through the 27th is what will be the deciding factor for me, when we skirt the Dark Rift in the constellation of Ophiuchus, and make alignments to that constellation. That's when I think that were gonna be seeing a lot of problems. I think that we're gonna get through September okay, but October is a completely different story. Like I said, brushing the Dark rift, an alignment to the constellation of Ophiuchus […] October the 17th through the 27th, I won't be here, I will be at my cabin high in the Rockies, because I do think that something is gonna happen, I'm not blaming it on comet Eelian [he means Elenin], it might be a contributing factor, I'm more concerned with an alignment to Ophiuchus and brushing the Dark Rift than anything else .."

".. you'll be up there in those caves in the Ozarks, I'm gonna be high in the Rockies. I'm not saying that there'll be world volcanic and earthquake activity, but it's a possibility, I think that there's, you know, a good possibility of some kind of a celestrial [sic] occurrence in that time frame, so like many of you I won't be around during the middle of October either."

So did anything unusual happen? NO.

Did any hazardous "celestial occurence" take place? NO.

Was there any need for people to go hiding in caves, or up mountains? NO.

July 19th 2011.

Rick Earthplay: "well I've been telling people for over 2 years, that I am concerned about our position in space around October the 17th, a little bit after September. This is when we'll be in a visual, magnetic, or electrical alignment to the constellation of Ophiuchus … I truly believe that this is gonna be our Nemesis."

Nothing happened.

August 17th 2011.

Rick Earthplay: "This is a prediction of Earthplay the Great - you can write it down on your calendar - world wide storms, earthquakes, volcanoes. I think this is about the time that everyone on Earth will get a wake up call. This is a prediction, for October the 17th, in that area, give or take a week before, not after. A week before or around the 17th. The Hopi's have already bugged out, man, they've already headed underground, they think that starting this coming Sunday the 21st of August, that's just in a couple of days, 3 or 4 days, the last 10 days of August, solar flares are gonna start in earnest."

Was anyone troubled by solar flares because they didn't "bug out" and go underground? NO.

Did "everyone on Earth" get a "wake up call"? NO.

August 30th 2011.

Rick Earthplay: "I would leave well before October, September/October, yeah, the 14 MONTHS OF HELL that I've been telling you about, when we move to within 7 degrees of the galactic plane. That's pretty serious."

See primer.

September 14th 2011.

Rick Earthplay: "October the 17th is not a good date for me, cos that's when my time line of 14 MONTHS OF HELL begins, through the constellation of Ophiuchus, so you might get your wish, something may indeed happen, not because of Elenin, just because based on my timeline."

See primer.

August 8th 2011.

Rick Earthplay: "we are very close to the Dark Rift in the constellation of Ophiuchus, and now we're starting to encounter some of the, I don't wanna say forces or energies, let's just call it dust an minute gasses and other forms of inert energy, at least for right now. This is the edge of the Dark Rift .."

We remain hundreds of light years from the Dark Rift, we do not encounter any part of it.
"Inert energy" is meaningless woo-speak.

"… We'll be in alignment to the constellation of Ophiuchus between Saturn [he means Sagittarius] and Scorpio for 14 months, starting October 17th through December 22nd of 2012. 14 months. And I think this is the time that were gonna see the most damage, or potential for disasters, or catastrophes to afflict the Earth. Are you not listening, black-spot? [someone in the chat room] We will be moving through the constellation of Ophiuchus for 14 months, it's at a southern declination to the Earth. That's how long we'll be there, skirting the edge of the Dark Rift .."

In fact, we enter Ophiuchus on November 29/30th. Not October 17th.

We leave it on December 17/18th (of the same year). Not the 22nd.

The length of time we spend in it (known as the "Solar Stay") is 18 DAYS.19 Not 14 months. A stay of 14 months is clearly impossible, since the Sun passes through ALL of the Zodiacal constellations in 12 months!

And we "pass through it" EVERY YEAR. It is on the Ecliptic, it cannot be avoided, any more than the hand of a clock can avoid passing through the number 11.

But perhaps Earthplay was thinking of astrological "ages", in which case he is still wrong, because we would spend over 1200 years in the "age" of Ophiuchus:- A complete 360 degree precessional cycle takes approx 25,920 years, Ophiuchus covers about 17 degrees (some sources say 19) out of 360, so (25920 * (17/360)) = 1224 years.

".. Look it up. It's a valid scientific term, the Dark Rift, abandoned material outside of the circumference of the milky way galaxy. We're coming very close to that material, and we'll probaly be very close to it for 14 months, until we move into the next sign of the zodiac .."

"Abandoned"?? By whom? It's just material. And it is WITHIN the milky way, between us and the centre, NOT outside of it. And visual alignment does NOT bring us any closer to it (see primer).

".. We move through all the constellations of the zodiac except for one, every year. But for thousands of years we may be fixed at a fixed point. Now we are in the constellation of Pisces, and in 2012 we'll move into the age of Aquarius, these ages last thousands and thousands of years. Except for one. The constellation of Ophiuchus which sits between Saggittarius and Scorpio. And we only travel through it's region of space for 14 months, every 13 and 26 thousand years, at the completion and the beginning of the precession of the equinox."

Ridiculous. We do not "stop" at fixed points. The Earth's orbit is continuous. The Sun's passage along the Ecliptic is continuous. Precession is continuous.

Earthplay somehow thinks that astrological "ages" are fixed points at which we "stop". They are not. They are just divisional markers, like the hour markers on a clock. The continuous process of Precession moves us slowly through astrological "ages", it does not stop at fixed points, any more than a clock stops between the hour markers!

And we do NOT "travel through it's region of space" (see primer).

September 5th 2011 - Plane Wrong

The following is one of the best examples of Earthplay's astronomical confusion;

Rick Earthplay: "Normally our milky way galaxy [he means the solar system] is at a 60 degree angle to the milky way galaxy. Look it up in any science book. 60 degrees, that's quite a bit. But now we throw in a thing called the Precession of the Equinox. And it turns out that through our transition in this 26,000 year period we move to within 7 degrees of the galactic plane, and that's where we are right now, we've been moving actually since 1998, our declination our orientation, to the milky way galaxy has changed. The Earth's axis and tilt and all that, has not changed, but the Solar System itself, that means the Sun has changed it's axis and declination to the milky way, to where we're coming within 7 degrees of a perfect alignment to the galactic plane, like we're right off the edge of that saucer of the galactic energy coming off the galactic plane, to within 7 degrees. And in 2012 we'll start moving back, tilting back, the Sun will start back to an axis of 60 degrees from the milky way, and the whole solar system will follow it. We are in a transitional period in space, we are in a transitional period of our Sun's, our axis and orientation and even it's orbit, it's a 36 day orbit of the Sun, and it is changing, you can ask any astrophysicist, any astronomer .."

Where to begin on such a tangled web of misconceptions?

Precession of the Equinoxes is all about the direction of the Earth's AXIS ….. NOT IT'S ORBITAL PLANE. Precession cannot change the angle of the entire solar system - how can it? - it's just the tilt of one planet, the Earth.

This is easily confirmed by simple observations:- The planets in the solar system all orbit very close to the same plane, the Ecliptic. This determines the which constellations the planets appear to pass across when viewed from Earth.


If the plane of the entire solar system had tilted from 60 degrees to 7, as Earthplay suggests, WE WOULD SEE THE PLANETS PASSING ACROSS CONSTELLATIONS THEY HAVE NEVER PASSED ACROSS BEFORE, and MISSING OUT some that they normally pass across each year. We do not see this.

Earthplay is just plain/plane wrong, as are any "dangers" he attaches to this fictitious tilting of the solar system.

To understand why the Solar System's plane is at an angle within the galaxy, we have to go back billions of years, to the angle of rotation of the giant molecular cloud from which it was formed. The planets are orbiting now because of the conserved angular momentum of that cloud. There is no reason why the angle should suddenly start changing in 1998 .. or start "tilting back" in 2012 .. or 2013 .. or 2014 .

".. that's why for 2000 years the constellation of Ophiuchus hasn't made any difference in the Zodiac, it hasn't been important, it hasn't been recognised, it hasn't been used, but now that we're gonna actually move across the constellation of Ophiuchus, and it happens to be located in the Dark Rift along the galactic plane, now all of sudden it is a factor. Astrologers, astronomers, all of them, are up in arms right now, they know that after the belt of Orion, it's one of the most violent regions of space that we've been able to detect from Earth, and it's very close to us, the constellation of Ophiuchus .."

Moving across Ophiuchus is not "all of a sudden" a factor, it occurs EVERY YEAR.
Ophiucus is not located IN the Dark Rift, it is BETWEEN us and the Dark Rift.
It is not a "region of space", constellations are only line of sight groupings.
It is not "very close to us".
And no astronomers are "up in arms" about this.

".. the constellation of Ophiuchus, comets, meteors, asteroids, trojans, you name it, rogues, are being blasted out of this region of space, and our Solar System is moving right across that blast zone. And we will for the next 14 months. It's the only 14 months in 26,000 years that the Earth is even in danger from the miky way galaxy. But inexplicably, every time that we visit this part of the galaxy, something happens to the Earth […] "

Complete nonsense, see above, below, and primer.

".. everyone knows that we're in the vicinity of the Dark Rift, everyone knows that we're in a southern declination now, more than we've ever been, because of the orientation of the solar system. Usually it runs across in both hemispheres, north and southern hemisphere, you can see the milky way galaxy from anywhere on Earth at any time, big old band at 60 degrees in the heavens. Well it isn't like that any more, we can still see it, but more of a southern declination, because we're coming kind of even to it's plate, we're moving within 7 degrees of an alignment to it, we were 60 degrees just 10 years ago, well longer than that, 13 years ago, we have been moving for 13 years transiting in our orientation and declination to the milky way .."

An outright lie. The Milky Way is still visible at about 60 degrees (TO THE ECLIPTIC). Any competent amateur astronomer will confirm it.

Do not confuse this with the angle at which we see the Milky Way in our night sky, or in photographs. That angle changes continually as the Earth rotates. If anyone shows you a photo of the Milky Way "not at the angle it should be " they are making this mistake!

Earthplay makes this mistake when he says "you can see the milky way .. at 60 degrees in the heavens."

Just Google "Milky Way time lapse", there are plenty of videos showing the angle of the Milky Way as the Earth rotates. For example this one -

".. and it all has to do with the Chandler Effect, the wobbles within wobbles that make Precession .."

The Chandler effect is NOT Precession. It has a smaller amplitude and a period of 433 days, whereas Precession has a period of 26,000 years.

".. it's all very, very complex and convoluted, and if you don't have your mind around it you won't understand any part of it."

Very true - as a description of Earthplay himself.

".. how close we move to the galactic plane, you won't wonder why we're having volcanoes and earthquakes and hurricanes and electrical storms and solar activity, and the areas of space that we transit as we approach arrive and leave it which are all different regions of space … the next 14 months we're kind of like flying blind, we can't see into the milky way galaxy, we can't see past that dark cloud or spot .."

In fact;

"We’re far from the plane of our Milky Way galaxy. Astronomers estimate that we’re several dozen light-years north of the galactic plane" -

We will not be "flying blind" any more in the next 14 months than at other times. The Rift only blocks our view in visible light. Astronomers now have a pan-chromatic view of space. Areas that cannot be seen in visible light can be seen in other wavelengths, Radio, Infra Red, Gamma, UV, and X-ray.

".. and that's gonna be directly between us and the milky way, and that's where all this material, comets meteors and asteroids, are being thrown out of, and we're moving right across its path."

The Dark Rift is not "going to be" between us and the galactic centre, it is there now, and has been for a long time, at a distance of hundreds of light years. And it is not the source of comets meteors and asteroids, those originate in the solar system, the Oort Cloud, the Kuiper belt, the Scattered Disc.20

November 3rd 2011

Earthplay is now associating with a scammer by the name of Terral Croft.

Terral's scams involve the invention of imaginary astronomical threats in order to fool gullible people into sending him money. In 2011 he claimed that Comet Elenin would flip the Earth, and would create lethal Solar Flares. He asked for donations to supposedly fund the setting up of "survival caves" in the Ozarks21. His predictions failed miserably, of course, but that has not stopped him or his scientifically naive followers - he is now claiming that Elenin was only a prelude to the "real" doomsday object!

His chatroom on Paltalk now carries the following introduction: "Alert: We are tracking an inbound heavy-mass object between the Sun and Leo Constellation. March 22, 2012 is nearside alignment."

Earthplay at first disagreed with Terral, and was ejected and banned from the chatroom. However, he is now back as a regular member. Terral is now advertising Earthplay's website, and has invited him to be a guest on internet radio programs. Earthplay gives "reports" in Terral's room, the following being one such example:

Fear and Lying in Los Alamos

Earthplay (spoken): "I've been meeting with an astronomer from Los Alamos, and he's been feeeding me a little bit of information, but I'm not ready to go public with it yet, or mention his name, I just don't want to bring down the weight of the media, or other entities, upon either one of us. I do have some stuff to report of a cosmic nature, I'm just not ready to proceed with it yet … it has to do with a Nebula … right now they're looking at Cosmic Bubble s308, 60,000 light years across."

Earthplay wants us to believe that he is being "fed" with privileged astronomical information of an alarming nature, which will cause a media stir when it goes public.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

"Cosmic Bubble s308" is WELL KNOWN to astronomers. SO well known in fact, that it is part of "The Sharpless Catalogue of Nebulas"22, started by Stewart Sharpless in 1959. It has an official catalogue designation of "Sh 2-308"23. It has been photographed many times by astronomers both professional and amateur. Information on it is readily available - a Google search for "Sharpless 308" returned 5,540 hits and 765 images.

This is all a far cry from "not ready to go public" as Earthplay would have us believe!

The nebula is about 60 light years across, NOT 60,000 as Earthplay states. It is approximately 5,200 light years from Earth. It was formed by an expulsion of gas from a dying star. Eventually this star will supernova, but at that distance it won’t be anything more than a brighter star in the sky. The material in the Nebula is spread over a huge volume of space but it is of EXTREMELY low density, containing less atoms than any vacuum we can make on Earth. It is so thinly dispersed that the stars lying beyond it are clearly visible through it.

It is of NO danger to us. But that doesn't stop the fearmongering:

Earthplay: "It's way scarier than any scenario that Terral has put forward in this room … you're [Terral] looking at a heavy dark mass object. Apparently it's much bigger than that, it has to do with a Nebula, which has many, many of these objects in association with them, I think that that's the scale we're looking at."

Earthplay is trying to outscore Terral in the fearmongering stakes, by claiming that there is something "way scarier" and "much bigger" than Terral's object. But they are not comparable - Terral's object is (supposedly) a dense heavy object, and is located within our own Solar System, whereas Nebula s308 is a bubble of rarefied gas, and is located over 5,000 light years away (with NO evidence of heavy mass objects "in association" with it).

  • Terral's object is not a threat because it doesn't actually exist, whereas Earthplay's object is not a threat because it is only a tenuous nebula at a huge distance.

Earthplay: "and there's a couple of T Praxis? Pridissus? er, it's Praxis and Pridissus stars, and a Wolf Rayget star that they're worried about, MR 84, WR 104, in the constellation of Corina [Carina]."

Astronomers are not "worried" about these stars. Earthplay's information is out of date.

WR104 is a Wolf-Rayet star, approximately 8,000 light years from Earth. These type of stars are named after C.J.Wolf and G.Rayet who were observing their spectra as far back as 1867. WR104 will probably go supernova some time within the next 100,000 years. The nova MAY be of the type that emits a gamma ray burst, but it is more likely to be a "normal" nova.

A gamma ray burst is a very narrow, collimated beam. A burst from WR104 would have to be aimed precisely at us to be of any concern.

But it isn't.

Early measurements showed that it may have been pointing within 16 degrees of Earth, but more accurate measurements using spectroscopic emission lines from the binary pair show that it is inclined at 30 to 40 degrees (possibly as much as 45) AWAY from us.24 -25

And both of the stars that Earthplay mentions are in the constellation of Sagittarius, NOT Carina (can't he get ANYTHING right?!). And finally, there is no such thing as a star-type "t praxis" or "pridissus".

  • The only people still "worried" about WR104 are those who read cloned out-of-date internet articles and woo sites.

From Earthplay's 2012 chatroom on August 22nd 2011;

Note; Readers can skip past the CONTEXT paragraphs, since the main points are repeated below them. The context has been included here only because Earthplay has previously complained of being quoted "out of context" (although this was never the case). All quotes are verbatim transcriptions of Earthplay speaking, recorded by various Paltalk members. I do not have time to deal with all of the material, but the examples included here are a representative selection.



Earthplay (spoken): "we can observe many stars from Earth, I mean hyper giants, red hyper giants, pollux hyper giants, stars that are 10,000 times the solar mass of our own sun, and two of these are kind of close to us, they're 286 light years from us, in the constellation of Orion, one of them is called Bellergeeze (sic) or Beeteljuice and the other one is Sirus [that's how he pronouces it], and both of these stars, I mean these are hyper giants, I mean huge, we can't even wrap our mind around the size of these solar bodies. Well they're about to supernova. There were actually stories going all the way around the world about could Earth have 2 Suns by the year 2012, well the possibility is very strong. But if Bellergeeze supernovas it will cause Sirus to supernova, and if Sirus supernovas it will cause Bellergeeze, they're in the same constellation. And Orion, most people don't know this, is one of the most violent regions of space that we can even see from Earth".


Earthplay: "stars that are 10,000 times the solar mass of our own sun"

No such star exists. The most massive star known is R136a1, which is about about 265 times the mass of our sun26.

"in the constellation of Orion, one of them is called Bellergeeze and the other one is Sirus"

There is no such star as Sirus (or Cirus). Perhaps he means Sirius, but that is NOT in the constellation of Orion. And it is NOT a supernova candidate. Sirius is a binary star system, with Sirius A (the visible star) weighing in at 2.02 M☉ (Solar Masses) and Sirius B (a white dwarf) weighing in at 0.987 M☉27

"if Bellergeeze supernovas it will cause Sirus to supernova, and if Sirus supernovas it will cause Bellergeeze, they're in the same constellation"

Nonsense. The stars in a constellation such as Orion are separated from each other by VAST distances. They appear to each other as pin-points of light. One of them going supernova will NOT trigger another. It is like expecting a nuclear bomb on the Moon to cause one on Earth to explode. In point of fact, Betelgeuse is 643 ± 146 light years away from us, while Sirius is 8.6 ± 0.04 ly. Even if these two stars formed a straight line from the sun (which they do not) they would be at least 488 light years apart. In fact, some simple trigonometry using the known distances to these two stars and the angle between them tells us that they are at least 490 light years apart.

The timing of Type II supernovas in stars such as Betelgeuse is determined by how quickly they use up their nuclear fuels, and that depends on their mass and their age. Each of them will supernova when processes within them reach a certain point, not when other stars go supernova.

"they're in the same constellation"

Objects being "in the same constellation" does NOT mean that they are close to each other in space. Constellations such as Orion are only visual line-of-sight patterns, created by Earth's particular viewpoint2829.

Seen from elsewhere in the galaxy, the familiar shapes of our Constellations do not exist. For example, from our viewpoint, the three stars in Orion's Belt are located next to each other in a line, but in fact the star in the centre is hundreds of light years further away than the outer two (Alnilam is about 1360 ly, Alnitak and Mintaka are about 800 and 900 ly).

Furthermore, assuming he means Betelgeuse and Sirius, these two stars are not in the same constellation, they are in adjoining constellations, and are separated by 27 degrees in the sky.

"I mean hyper giants, red hyper giants, pollux hyper giants … and two of these are kind of close to us, they're 286 light years from us, in the constellation of Orion, one of them is called Bellergeeze and the other one is Sirus, and both of these stars, I mean these are hyper giants"

NONE of those stars are classed as Hyper Giants. Betelgeuse is a Red Super Giant. Pollux is an Orange Giant. Sirius is a binary, consisting of a Main Sequence Dwarf and a faint White Dwarf. The term "Hyper Giant" is reserved for the most massive stars at the top of the Hertzsprung-Russell stellar classification diagram.30

And none of them are 286 ly from us.

"Well they're about to supernova"

No. Betelgeuse will probably supernova some time within the next million years3132.

"could earth have 2 Suns by the year 2012"

No. When it supernovas, Betelgeuse would look nothing like a second Sun to us. It's brightness would be comparable to a full Moon, but it would only be a point source of light. It will not even be 1/100,000th as bright as the Sun.

"well the possibility is very strong"

No. The possibility of it occurring by 2012 is miniscule.

  • An imminently exploding Betelgeuse is one of the most over-used sensationalist astronomical stories ever to appear in the tabloid press. Earthplay repeats the story, adding his own nonsense about it triggering another supernova.



Earthplay: "well antimatter is actually created on Earth, and in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, they have just determined that there is a layer around the Earth of antimatter, that is trapped between the magnetic fields, and every time there's a stroke of lightning that hits the planet high up in the atmosphere it creates antimatter, they know this is a fact now, they can reproduce it in a laboratory, they've even found an antimatter belt in the magnetic field. If that magnetic field should ever drop for some reason, due to the unstable nature of antimatter there would probably be a big explosion, at the very least a fireball, outside the circumference of the Earth. It would probably vaporize the atmosphere."


Earthplay: "there is a layer around the Earth of antimatter, that is trapped between the magnetic fields … if that magnetic field should ever drop … there would probably be a big explosion, at the very least a fireball … it would probably vaporize the atmosphere."

Sheer fantasy.

The quantities of antimatter involved here are miniscule. In over TWO YEARS of searching the Earth's upper atmosphere, the PAMELA satellite has detected a total of 28 antimatter particles. To put this into perspective, a single cubic metre of air contains about 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules! (10^25)

Antiparticles in the upper atmosphere are created when cosmic ray particles hit molecules of ordinary matter, resulting in a shower of daughter particles, some of which are anti-protons3334. Most of these will be instantly annihilated when they collide with particles of ordinary matter35. The few that survive can become temporarily trapped in the Earth's magnetic field, but even these will last only a few hours before they meet ordinary matter and annihilate.

This result of all this is a TINY number of antiparticles in the upper atmosphere, among a ludicrously more abundant number of normal matter particles.

It is also important to remember that this layer of antimatter does NOT keep accumulating over time, since a dynamic equilibrium36 is approached between the creation and annihilation of the particles. Also, the antimatter particles that are created contain no more energy than the original cosmic ray. It is only a conversion of mass/energy from one form to another.

"and every time there's a stroke of lightning hits the planet high up in the atmosphere it creates antimatter"

Fermi's Gamma-ray Burst Monitor instrument, between 2008 and 2011, identified just 130 gamma flashes from Earth (out of an estimated 1800 thunderstorms that occur across the planet every day) and of those 130 detections, only 4 showed antimatter signatures. This antimatter is mostly beamed out into space, with some being reflected back earthwards. And as in the case of the cosmic rays, the antimatter that is created is small in quantity, does not build up over time, and is only a conversion of existing energy.

  • Antimatter sounds dangerous when we hear of it being used in bombs or fictional Star Trek warp engines, but we need to consider the quantity and longevity of the particles. And when we do, we see that Earthplay's "atmosphere vaporizing" antimatter fireball is nothing but a ridiculous scaremongering fantasy.

Coronal Holes and the Age of Sunlight.


Earthplay: "Well I'm not sure that I'm willing to follow astrophysicists any more, because in the last 2 years we have made so many fantastic discoveries about our own sun, that it's rewriting solar physics. Here's an example, they tell you that it takes electrons, protons, neutrinos, a million years to migrate from the centre of the Sun to the Sun's surface where it is cast away in CME's flares and prominences, and in the radiance of the heat, but now we have just discovered in the last 2 years that these huge Coronal Holes are opening up, huge vortexes opening up like whirlpools, that are pulling material, surface material off of the Sun and pulling it deep, deep, into the interior of the sun. As a result, just like in a black hole or any other massive force like that, that is consuming so much raw energy like these vortexes are, a matter stream of gammas come shooting right out of the middle of them, and in our case it's shooting Gammas and X-rays right at the Earth. This is gonna have a profound long term effect, we don't know what it is, we can't even speculate, maybe we'll all glow in the dark, or be able to see our bones at night"


Earthplay: "Well I'm not sure that I'm willing to follow astrophysicists any more, because in the last 2 years we have made so many fantastic discoveries about our own sun"

He says he will not be following astrophysicists - because of the fantastic discoveries MADE BY ASTROPHYSICISTS!?

"they tell you that it takes electrons, protons, neutrinos, a million years to migrate from the centre of the Sun to the Sun's surface "

This is about sunlight, which is PHOTONS. NOT Electrons, NOT Protons, NOT Neutrinos.

The migration of sunlight is delayed by a process known as a Random Walk - the photons move at light speed, but can never travel far before they have a collision, which randomly redirects them. This happens countless billions of times, forcing them to take an extremely indirect route to the surface (hence the term Random Walk). Neutrinos however, hardly interact with matter, and so travel straight to the surface within seconds. The electrons and protons travel much slower, by processes such as convection within the Sun.

Earthplay cited three types of particles that DON'T apply to sunlight migration, while omitting the very one that does.

The figure of a million years is often cited, but when a realistic model of the solar interior is used, applying the Random Walk process to photons gives the age of sunlight as between 10,000 and 170,000 years.

"but now we have just discovered in the last 2 years these huge Coronal Holes are opening up, huge vortexes opening up like whirlpools, that are pulling material, surface material off of the Sun and pulling it deep, deep, into the interior of the sun."

Coronal Holes were NOT discovered "in the last 2 years", they were discovered in the 1960's, and extensively observed in the 1970's.

They are NOT "vortexes" or "whirlpools", they are regions where the Sun's magnetic field lines are LESS curved than elsewhere, pointing straight out into space.

They do NOT pull matter "deep, deep into the interior", because they are features of the OUTER ATMOSPHERE of the Sun, the Corona (hence the name Coronal Holes!). Maybe he is confusing them with sunspots.

"As a result, just like in a black hole or any other massive force like that, that is consuming so much raw energy like these vortexes"

Meaningless nonsense.

"a matter stream of gammas come shooting right out of the middle of them"

Gamma rays are not "matter", they are massless electromagnetic waves.

"and in our case it's shooting Gammas and Xrays right at the Earth"

Wrong again. Coronal Holes actually emit LESS Gamma and X-rays than surrounding areas. They were first discovered in images of the Sun taken in U.V. and X-rays, in which they appear the least active regions at those wavelengths. They appear darker than their surroundings in X-ray images because they do NOT emit much radiation. What Coronal holes DO emit is the faster but less dense component of the Solar Wind.

"The Coronal holes I think were discovered by the Russians".

No. They were discovered from the American Skylab.

  • So, Earthplay tried to "disprove" sunlight migration (which he misunderstood) using the entirely unconnected phenomenon of Coronal Holes (which he also misunderstood). A perfect example of his compound confusion.

References:37 -38 -39 -40

Water and the Sun.


Earthplay: "but I don't follow the mainstream science agenda anymore, they've been lying to us, they've been deceiving us, they've been telling us whatever we wanna hear, anything but the truth, then we come and find out about a year and a half ago, that in every CME flare and prominence, that 50 percent of the explosive eruptive material is nothing more than simple water and vapour, the same process going on on the Earth, volcanic eruptions are only explosive and catastrophic when they come in contact with water, steam energy is the most volatile gas on the earth, and that is what gives earthquakes or volcanoes their explosive potential, is water and steam. It turns out that the same thing happening on Earth is happening in the Sun. Water, H20, is the biggest part in all of these celestrial (sic) mechanics in the form of methanes, ices, and waters vapors."


Earthplay: "in every CME flare and prominence, that 50 percent of the explosive eruptive material is nothing more than simple water and vapour"

Wrong. Only trace amounts of water have been found on the Sun. These consist of H2O molecules that exist for a short time in the very coolest parts of sunspots.

The discovery was made in 1991, when a weak signature of water was found in the spectrum of a sunspot with the coolest temperature ever recorded on the Sun, 5000 degrees K. This is just cool enough for a few oxygen and hydrogen atoms to momentarily bond with each other before dissociating again. No individual water molecule lasts for very long. And none is ever in liquid form.

The Sun is composed of approximately 0.078 percent Oxygen41. So even if EVERY Oxygen molecule was bonded with Hydrogen to make water, it would still not reach 1 percent, let alone FIFTY percent. Where does Earthplay get these ridiculous figures from?

"volcanic eruptions are only explosive and catastrophic when they come in contact with water … and that is what gives earthquakes or volcanoes their explosive potential, is water and steam. It turns out the same thing happening on Earth is happening in the Sun."

A ridiculous comparison. These processes have absolutely NOTHING in common. Pressure is created on Earth when liquid water is heated and expands to become vapour. The water on the Sun is never liquid. It is created as vapour, and remains as vapour.

"Water, H20, is the biggest part in all these celestrial (sic) mechanics in the form of methanes ices and waters, vapors"

And so we add Bad Chemistry to Earthplay's Bad Astronomy. (And there is no "r" in "celestial mechanics").

Another Fantasy Fireball.

Earthplay: "that was moving towards the Earth, huge green blob, and that it would be here in 100,000 years, well they determined that that green blob was pure Oxygen, was a cloud of Oxygen. Now I thought about this a lot. When that cloud of Oxygen moves into our solar system, and encounters something like the Sun, it will ignite, and it will burn everything in the cloud until all that Oxygen is consumed. So Oxygen is good for us as lifeforms, but it is one of the most explosive elements that we know of. I think that when such a cloud like that moves into our solar system, there's just gonna be a huge fireball, cos that Oxygen is gonna be consumed by fire, by the Sun."

First of all, Oxygen itself is NOT a flammable or explosive gas42, it allows other substances to burn. A source of ignition in a cloud of "pure oxygen" would do nothing at all.

However, that is beside the point, since the Green Blob is NOT coming to our solar system;-

It is known as Hanny's Voorwerp43 -44 -45

It is NOT going to be here in 100,000 years.

It is not even in our galaxy! It is about 650 MILLION light years away. About the same distance as Galaxy IC 2497. Even if it was heading towards us at light speed (which it isn't) it would take 650 million years to get here.

The Oxygen in this 300-light-year-long gaseous tidal streamer is very thinly spread. On Earth it would be called "a vacuum". The green color in some of the images is a False Color used by spectroscopists to denote the presence of emission lines of Oxygen.

Stories that claim the green blob is "moving towards Earth" can only be found on Woo sites and in humorous publications such as the "Weekly World News"46. The latter is a tabloid rag famous for printing outrageous nonsense. Their story about the Green Blob is pure fabrication. They themselves once suggested that readers should "suspend disbelief for the sake of enjoyment"!

Ultra Violet.


[A guest in the chatroom stated that maybe it's our own atmosphere that creates sunburn, that our atmosphere is like a magnifying glass. Earthplay replied: "I disagree with that, because when the ultraviolet strikes the Earth, first it has to go through the Earth's magnetic field, then it has to go through the Earth's atmosphere and in the Earth's atmosphere there's dust and metal and particles of every imaginable composition floating around out there, and ultraviolet and the other beams of light, they hit this stuff and reflect back into space"


Earthplay: "when the ultraviolet strikes the earth, first it has to go through the Earth's magnetic field"

Ultraviolet light is NOT filtered by Earth's magnetic field.

Magnetic fields have NO effect on light propagating through space, even for large field strengths, since photons have no charge and no mass (this applies to light photons, uv photons, gamma photons, any photons)47. Our magnetosphere only affects charged particles, not light or UV.

"there's dust and metal and particles of every imaginable composition floating around out there, and the ultraviolet and other beams of light, they hit this stuff and reflect back into space"

Absorption of ultraviolet in the atmosphere does NOT require "dust and metal and particles". The absorption is due to atomic and molecular forms of oxygen and nitrogen, especially Ozone. Ozone in the stratosphere absorbs about 99% of the harmful solar UV radiation shorter than 320 nm.

And the UV is not "reflected", it is absorbed (by photochemical reactions, electron transitions in gasses).

The Photon Belt.

Earthplay: "A Photon Belt has pushed through the heliosphere, and is inundating and flooding the solar system with photons, which is a form of light and radiation and Gamma radiation [guest speaks, EP replies] Well it's a form of radiation, it's a form of Gamma radiation, and it's not good, it's the most destructive radiation that we know of, well besides Theta radiation, but that's really rare and I don't think it's applicable to this conversation"

There is no such thing as a Photon Belt. It is a silly New Age myth.

Photons do not form belts. Photons travel in straight lines, or to be more accurate, along Geodesics in space-time. Space-time can itself be curved, but the degree of curvature is generally very small and difficult to detect. In extreme cases, near enormous concentrations of mass, light can be bent sufficiently as to cause "gravitational lensing", but even here the curvature is nowhere near a 360 degree circle or belt.

The only place where the curvature of space would be sufficient to bend photons around into a "belt" is near a Black Hole, at the Schwarzchild Radius. And for us to see those photons, we would need to be actually IN the belt, since they are confined inside it. Also, the shape would tend towards a sphere rather than a "belt".

So, for a Photon Belt to have "pushed through the heliosphere" as Earthplay suggests, the Solar System would need to be very close to, or actually at, the Schwarzchild Radius of a massive Black Hole. If that was the case, we basically wouldn't exist. Obviously we do exist, and we are not being "inundated" by a Photon Belt.

"well besides Theta radiation, but that's really rare"

It is less than "rare". It is a fictional radiation used in Star Trek stories48.

Why the Sun's motion "through" constellations is only an illusion.


The diagram above shows the Sun "in" Pisces. The Earth's location at the time is shown in red. When we look towards the Sun, we will see the constellation of Pisces BEHIND the Sun, forming a backdrop.49 An extremely distant backdrop. If this diagram was drawn to scale, then the constellations would be many miles away. Note that when we see the Sun "in" a given constellation, the Earth is on the OPPOSITE side of the Sun to that constellation (an analogy - to see the Statue of Liberty against a background "constellation" of New York skyscrapers, you need to be on the opposite side of the statue to New York).

So when Earthplay says that we are "in Ophiuchus", the Earth is actually on the OPPOSITE side of the Sun to Ophiuchus.

The nearest star in Ophiuchus is Barnard's Star, about 6 light years away (379,438 Astronomical Units).50 Let's see how "the Sun moving into Ophiuchus" changes our relationship to it:

6 months before we move into Ophiuchus -
Viewed from the Earth, the Sun appears "in" Taurus, while Ophiuchus is 180 degrees in the opposite direction:

SUN …1 AU… EARTH ……………………………./ /…………………..379,438 AU………………/ /………………. OPHIUCHUS

6 months later, in November -
Viewed from the Earth, the Sun appears "in" Ophiuchus:

EARTH …1 AU… SUN ……………………………./ /…………………..379,437 AU……………../ /……………….. OPHIUCHUS

Obviously, the Earth's orbit of 1 AU is totally insignificant compared to the 379,438 AU between the Earth and Ophiuchus (remember that if drawn to scale, the dotted lines to Ophiuchus would fill many pages).

The difference between us being "aligned with Ophiuchus" and "not aligned with Ophiuchus" is negligible.

The same applies to the Dark Rift. When we see the Sun "in" the Dark Rift we will be on the OPPOSITE side of the Sun to it. Earthplay claiming that we "skirt the Dark rift" is just ridiculous. The Sun only appears to "move into it" because our orbit around the Sun changes our viewpoint. The Rift remains hundreds of light years away.51

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