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Ways of Dealing with your Fears of 2012

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My given name is Tasha, but I'm most-commonly referred to as "Bella", it's a nickname that I was given, a long time ago. I've studied psychology for a while, but I never got a Ph.D in psychology and that's more than most people are willing to admit when they're lending advice, but while I may not have a Ph.D in psychology, I do have experience in the kind of fear that stays with you throughout the years and I have experience in ridding of this fear, but first I would like to tell you what fear is..

Fear is a natural human response to something that, well, frightens us, it's much like a defense mechanism in our brains and in fact, fear has kept people alive and fear, like adrenaline, is a drug to some people, but to others, fear is nothing short of a nightmare and unlike adrenaline, fear is contagious and when it strikes, it strikes with authority. I've always described fear similar to a plague, it's contagious, it spreads fast, it's powerful and it leaves a nasty impact that will stick with you for years, and in some cases, it will be with you until the day that you die. Fear is something that's dangerous and it's hard to shake, but ultimately, it's up to the individual who is afraid to overcome this fear, sadly enough, some people will succumb to their fears and they will never overcome their fears simply because they're just not willing to fight that up-hill battle to recovery and this is where fear becomes dangerous, to the individual and potentially to others around them.

Some people, however, overcome their fears, some will seek help, some will take it upon themselves, but if they seek help, they must understand that it's ultimately up to them to will themselves to take the steps necessary for recovery.

The theories surrounding 2012 has done a lot of damage, the range of the impact is virtually limitless as it has effected children, teenagers and adults. It's necessary for the affected individual to sit down and think about what they're believing. A planet that is only visible from Australia? A space craft, ready to fire at any moment? The anti-Christ within our presidents?

Once the individual realizes and accepts how ridiculous these claims truly are, that's a big step to recovery and unfortunately for those who are unable to accept facts, it's a step that is necessary.

The road of recovery, no matter what you're recovering from, is often a rocky road, you will have your up's, you will have your down's and sometimes, you won't know which way you're going, but it's necessary that you remain willful or, else you will never recover from this horrific fear-driven slumber that you have managed to slip into.

The first step is some times the hardest, depending on the person, it's always best to start with the little steps. The way that I recovered from fear, was simple, but effective, and as follows:

1) Walking
2) Listening to music
3) Communication with family, friends, co-workers, etc.
4) Going out, having a good time, partying, etc.
5) Research
6) Facing your fears, accepting and understanding
7) Distractions (i.e.; Reading, gaming, writing, drawing/sketching, singing, learning something new, etc.)
8) Spending time with particular groups of people (i.e.; Family, closest friends, etc.)
9) Making amends
10) Cartoons.

Yes, the 10th is real, I watched a lot of cartoons and I still do.

It's necessary for the individual affected to choose their own path, every person has varying comfort zones and this is why it's necessary for them to choose, getting out in the world, living life and distracting yourself with everyday life are always good ways to forget about your fears, but bear in mind that you can always talk to someone about your fears, if this is something that helps.

Researching is a great way to get started, you will get the facts from professionals and the opinions of others, but remember what was said earlier, it's ultimately up to you to accept the facts that are given to you.

For some people who have dealt with fear in the past, activities such as meditation and Yoga have helped put their minds at ease, but also as I said, it's all about the person's comfort zone.

Exercising is a great distraction and a fun past-time, but exercising, in this case, specifically with the rumors of "Planet-X" and "Nibiru", exercising is also a good way to face your fears.

As I've learned, many people who are frightened by the theories of the mysterious planets are actually afraid to look at the sky and when they do, they see what they want to see. Bright star? It's a killer planet. But what they don't take into account is that a bright star or, a red star, may very well be Venus or, Mars, and it's because of this, that they run back inside and hide under the blankets, but it's also necessary to accept that what they see, may be natural, it may have been there since before life even began.

Bear in mind one fact, and one fact alone.. Wherever you go, there will be theories, there will be prophecies, there will be predictions, but also bear in mind that no one on this planet, not the ancients, not us and no one "out there" can predict our future, once you come to terms with this fact, you will realize how silly it is to believe someone who claims to predict something as huge as a doomsday.

You can ask for help, in fact, it's recommended that you do ask for help, but remember that it's up to you, and only you to overcome the fear that plagues your mind today, other people can only help so much, it's up to you to put what you've learned to use, it's up to you to accept the facts or, believe the fiction.

My fears, which are not doomsday related, began in 1995 and each and every day that I step outside, I have to face the source of my fears and I have to deal with the thoughts that go through my mind, but at the end of the day, I'm no longer fearful, but my fears have had an impact and I do, sometimes wonder what could or, will happen, but I push myself to keep going and to keep my chin held high and I must admit, I'm proud of the progress that I've made by myself. This is something that you will have to do, in the end, you will have to overcome your fear by yourself and you will have to keep pushing yourself along that path of recovery and if you slip, you just keep pushing forward.

So, the choice is yours. Are you going to stare at your ceiling all night or, are you going to go outside and look at the beautiful sky that our universe provides for us? Will you live in fear or, live to enjoy the things in your life? Those are the things that you must ask yourself.

Author: UndeadxNurseUndeadxNurse


In the early 00's, my parents were convinced of a lot of conspiracy crap. I spent many of my teenage years in fear, and it was awful. One thing that really sticks out is how Nibiru was supposed to arrive in June of 2003. Actually, I'm not even sure if they knew that was supposed to come in June per se, or if they just knew it was supposed to be coming any time now. I was actually the skeptic of the family, but I was scorned for this and had to keep my mouth shut at the time. Even so, there was a lot of anxiety because my parents were on this huge end-of-the-world kick, and there was always the possibility that it could happen.

As it turned out, the scoffer had it right all along: The photos were just lens flares, artifacts, or misidentified objects. The mystery object my parents kept seeing in the evening was a jet, not a rogue planet. And life went on as usual.

Then 2012 rolled around. Now, by this point my parents were a bit less likely to get caught up in end-of-the-world panics. Currently, I don't know anyone around me who is actually concerned about it, but I've run into a few people online. I've also done a lot of research into the subject because I like to be well-informed about things.

One thing that I've noticed about this 2012 panic is that it's no different than the Nibiru panic back in the early 00's. People post photos of 'anomalies' (usually lens flares and camera artifacts, sometimes misidentified celestial bodies), claim NASA knows it's coming but is just covering it up, and cite everything from the Bible to Nostradamus to new age frauds like Kiesha Crowther. With 2012, there's truly nothing new under the sun.

  • If you find yourself getting anxious about 2012, come back to this website and read through the articles again.
  • The more you read, the more you'll remember, and the easier it will be to remember why it's all a bunch of baloney when you find yourself getting triggered while away from the computer. Memorize as much as you can.
  • If you cannot look up pro-2012 material without getting anxiety attacks, DON'T LOOK IT UP. If you feel the compulsion to start searching for it, tell yourself "No, I'm not going to do that. I'm not even going to think about it." Kick thoughts of 2012 out of your head and think of something else to do - and go do it.
  • Find a safe haven or something to obsess over that isn't 2012. Play video games, watch something, read something, or study something non-doomy that makes you happy. Go outside and appreciate the scenery. Whatever it is, do it so thoroughly that your brain doesn't have the capacity to think of 2012.
  • If you have 2012-related videos popping up in your YouTube recommendations, you can fix this. If you use a YouTube account, clear your viewing history. If you don't use a YouTube account, clear your browser's history. That done, the only reason you need avoid YouTube is if you have some kind of compulsion to search for baloney, because it's not going to jump out and force you to watch it.
  • If someone talks about this stuff even though you've told them not to/that it makes you anxious, avoid them. What they're doing is psychologically abusive and you shouldn't put up with it for one second.
  • Believe it or not, some people are addicted to anxiety! If you have a hard time turning away from anxiety triggers, you may be an anxiety addict. Go here to learn more.

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