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Nothing could possibly be above thought?
by: Gregory Lee Williams (guest)
17 Nov 2009 14:36
3 by AstrogeekAstrogeek
21 Nov 2009 23:30 Jump!
so i came across this page who claims to be a consultant and who also has done extend research on 2012 and who also says he provides prove that government and NASA are in fact hiding the truth about the events happening on 2012 here is the link....
by: Noemi (guest)
17 Nov 2009 09:05
28 by AstrogeekAstrogeek
02 Aug 2010 16:45 Jump!
by: plasty86plasty86
17 Nov 2009 03:12
2 by PoshNinjaPoshNinja
17 Nov 2009 05:28 Jump!
the great dissappointment
by: tyler maret (guest)
16 Nov 2009 19:39
how do i get into contact with...
by: tyler maret (guest)
16 Nov 2009 18:48
3 by tyler maret (guest)
17 Nov 2009 21:24 Jump!
by: Kelsey (guest)
16 Nov 2009 14:31
15 by Lauren26 (guest)
02 Dec 2009 00:36 Jump!
In a word, thanks
by: DBuck (guest)
16 Nov 2009 04:51
2 by Alene YAlene Y
16 Nov 2009 04:58 Jump!
how do we know we know you aint just saying all this???
by: katie (guest)
16 Nov 2009 04:14
25 by AstrogeekAstrogeek
16 Nov 2009 23:10 Jump!
The movie industry had a part in creating this hoax... They saw dollar signs.
by: Ryan Stephens (guest)
15 Nov 2009 19:31
25 by mikeemmertmikeemmert
23 Nov 2009 23:54 Jump!
by: Leo Mauler (guest)
15 Nov 2009 18:26
5 by john doe (guest)
01 Apr 2011 03:54 Jump!
Show the Hysteria Channel that we mean business
by: David Lightfoot (guest)
15 Nov 2009 18:09
8 by tyler maret (guest)
25 Nov 2009 19:37 Jump!
A man on youtube
by: Simon (guest)
15 Nov 2009 17:31
9 by PoshNinjaPoshNinja
17 Nov 2009 05:20 Jump!
if astronauts can we should be given resources and use them just in case of a earth magnetic pole switch. cub scouts always say be prepared i wanna be prepaired
by: cammo (guest)
14 Nov 2009 04:18
8 by Alene YAlene Y
28 Nov 2009 04:51 Jump!
by: Nero (guest)
12 Nov 2009 20:44
14 by winters (guest)
27 Nov 2009 17:32 Jump!
by: Dolores Fitzhugh (guest)
12 Nov 2009 04:08
4 by ticktockticktock
14 Nov 2009 02:35 Jump!
I am only 11 years old and I'm really scared about 2012. But Ii have spent many many hours researching this. I have found that the Mayans never said that the world was going to end, it was just a starting of a new era and the Web Bot predicts things by searching the internet and seeing what is the most typed keyword. Remember, the Web Bot is not looking at any scientific evidence, it is just looking at what people are typing the most. And I also wanted to ask you if there is any evidence, and I really want an answer quick because I'm really scared. Thank you all so much!
by: Saumya (guest)
10 Nov 2009 05:04
21 by Hippo (guest)
04 Aug 2011 22:58 Jump!
Scientists in Europe have been building the world's largest particle accelerator. Basically its a 27km tunnel designed to smash atoms together to find out what makes the Universe tick. However, the mega-gadget has caused serious concern, with some scientists suggesting that it's properly even a bad idea to turn it on in the first place. They're predicting all manner of deadly results, including mini black holes. So when this machine is fired up for its first serious experiment in 2012, the world could be crushed into a super-dense blob the size of a basketball.
by: Jay (guest)
10 Nov 2009 04:51
6 by ticktockticktock
13 Nov 2009 04:27 Jump!
by: mary (guest)
09 Nov 2009 18:42
13 by Alene YAlene Y
25 Nov 2009 23:13 Jump!
Think the hoax will play into the election?
by: Douglas (guest)
08 Nov 2009 06:36
9 by tonio_d_moniotonio_d_monio
16 Nov 2009 09:01 Jump!
by: hale (guest)
07 Nov 2009 23:11
4 by PoshNinjaPoshNinja
25 Nov 2009 01:14 Jump!
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