How to talk to your kids about 2012
Young children can be traumatized by rumors of the end of the world.

2012 rumors scare kids
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In an article available at, Sunshine Simmons gives us timely advice on how to deal with a child who has been traumatized by 2012 rumors:

The point isn’t whether or not you believe the end is coming, but how you attack this topic with your children. You must be proactive.

In summary, Simmons says:

  • Be confident - don't show fear or anxiety
  • Don't make it worse - ie, don't bring up hypothetical situations in which people could die in order to make them see the "bigger picture."
  • Give them lots of love
  • Establish a bedtime routine
  • Write a story about them, and read it to them to help them rationalize their fears
  • If necessary, seek professional help

It really is an excellent article, and if you have children we strongly suggest you read the entire article at the Examiner.


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