John Moore
John Moore is a survivalist who talks about "secret government conspiracies" regarding Planet X

John Moore
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John Moore talks about "Surviving Planet X"
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Who is John Moore

Acording to his own website The Liberty Man, he fought in Vietnam and is now a retired military veteran and whistleblower, telling you what the government doesn't want you to know, at least acording to his own words. He also hosts a radio show called The John Moore Show where he talks about claimed "Earth changes".

He is also, like many other proponents, profiting from his claims by scaring people into buying the survival gear and DVDs sold on his website.


Global Warming is a Lie

According to him, global warming is not caused by us humans and our release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. According to him, it is caused by external causes like Nibiru or the like.

The Gulf Steam having stopped

In 2010 he claimed that the Gulf Stream stopped and that the government isn't telling you this, and that we civilians are told that everything is working as intended. Of course this isn't true and the Gulf Stream is actually working exactly as we are being told and Mr. Moore is the one being full of himself.


He once again, like many proponents of 2012 claims that the government is covering up the fact that a planetary object is on its way to Earth, passing us in December. He also claims that the reason the Gulf Stream stopped was that Nibiru is getting closer by the day and that the government has known about this since the late seventies. So like Astrogeek said, and pun intended by the way, Moore of the same! You can read the great arguments against Nibiru or planet x here!
He also urges that people should move away from coasts and get to a high altitude, because the waters of the large bodies of water in the world will "spill over" and drown the coasts. He also makes claims about 200 mph winds, meteors and earthquakes by the end of the year.
Another of his claims are that the Military Families of America have been notified about Nibiru and have been urged to "bug out" when given the order and move away from coasts.

Pole Shift

So what will happen when Nibiru passes Earth by the end of the year? Well, acording to Moore, Nibiru will cause a pole shift. The shift he says, will cause the poles to move by 20 to 50 degrees. Readers of this site will know how this simply isn't possible! But you can read about it here!


John Moore is a con artist and a liar! He uses his radio show to scare people into buying his DVDs and survival gear from his website. You can check out his radio show on the YouTube channel ToDayPrepare His claims about the Gulf Stream and Nibiru are easily debunked by a simple Google search or a visit to one of the many articles on this website.

Research Material Demo of the "Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars" video. Mentions Mark Hazelwood. 2 hour video "Global Warming; What the Government Isn't Telling You" from 2008. 3 hour video which consists of an audio recording of a radio show called "Late Night in the Midlands".

TBar1984 Debunking some of John Moore's claims



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