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Kate Sherrod runs the blog 'Suppertime Sonnets', where her goal is to compose a Shakespearean sonnet by suppertime each day in 2009. Kate has written two sonnets regarding the 2012 hoax, and has graciously agreed to allow them to be reproduced here.

December 22, 2012

I must confess amusement at the fuss
Regarding one partic'lar future date:
December 21st in three years. Thus,
As near as I can follow this debate,
The world may end according to one crowd,
All time itself, according to a friend
In Saratoga (though she has allowed
That measurement of time is what might end,
All notions merging, globbing to just "now" —
Which I oft think is hap'ning anyway.
The internet has made it so). But how,
The skeptics 'mong us ask, is this the day?
The Mayans' reckoning is old and fine
But is a cycle's end such cause to whine?[1]

On The Evil Nasa Conspiracy

In space, it's true, no one can hear you scheme
As we now do, ha ha, to keep the truth
Out there where it belongs. This planet meme
About Nibiru should defeat each sleuth
Who thinks he can unearth our evil plan
To make a future for us, should distract
The rabble from our workings, to a man
And keep our dreadful secret well, in fact.
It would not do if ev'rybody knew
That some of us are working toward the day
When humankind strides to the future. Who
Could bear the thought of boundlessness, I say?
Far better to encourage weird-ass fears
That everything will end in a few years[2].

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