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Kiesha Crowther is not who she says she is

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The "Shaman" Kiesha Crother
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Who is Kiesha Crowther?

Kiesha Crowther is a 33-year old (in 2010) white woman who has no native-American ancestry. Since 2008 she has been calling herself "Little Grandmother", and claims that she is a shaman for the "Sioux Salish"1 tribe. She has formed what she calls the "Tribe of Many Colors", which appears to be comprised entirely of white members, specifically white Europeans.

Claims regarding 2012

Zurich Video

In a video apparently recorded in Zurich, Crowther claims:

"We live in a magical time, the most amazing time on planet earth to ever be. She is going to be reborn into her full glory, her heavenly self. The change has already started, and we have the opportunity to enlighten with her. We literally have two years to change the way we are. There are thousands of books about two-thousand and twelve out there, and we learn so many different things, but do you know the Mayan people, the only people who have lived through a pole shift before, have only started talking a couple of months ago, and they are saying 'Do not have fear, rejoice inside of your hearts, because it is going to be beautiful.'

We have an opportunity to go forward in humanity, and become enlightened, and when you are enlightened, all things make sense, and we live from the heart. Do you know now that we use less than a third of our brains? Very soon we will be gifted all of that. The things we fear now are just because we do not understand it. But when you become enlightened, all things fall together, and there is nothing to fear.

Grandfather Alejandro, the grandfather of all Mayan people, says that the walls we see falling around us are merely the walls that kept us in prison. We should be excited, and rejoice and be happy to step out.

That which you give your energy, and your emotion to, becomes your reality. It is every human's gift. That which you give your emotion to becomes reality for you.
In the next couple of years, many things are going to change. We can stay in fear because we do not know what is coming then you will live in fear. But if you stay in your heart and are excited for what is coming, then you will live in joy. Again, there is nothing to fear. If you knew tomorrow that the whole world would change for something much more beautiful, would you be afraid. Heaven on earth is coming, and we can live on heaven.

It is your choice. If you stay in your heart, and be love then you will enlighten, and go with mother earth to something higher.

It is said by the Mayan people, who have lived through a pole change before, that the full change only happens within several minutes, it's very fast, but there will be a couple of days of full darkness, and it is very important at this time for us to stay in the heart. Gather your families and just be in love and stay calm. Do not give over to fear. It's all going to be ok. And when the sun rises again, you will see a new earth, and everything will make sense, and we will become enlightened. We will move forward in a new humanity, one that is ruled by love

Many people do not understand how the world will shift, and it brings us a lot of fear, wondering if there will be mass destruction. There will be some natural disasters, but when have humanity not lived through natural disaster? It happens all the time.

Planet earth has a very hard center, and around the planet is hot lava, much like a ball bearing with grease around it, and the crust of the earth sits on top of that grease or that lava. And when the poles change, everything will not move. The center will hold strong, and the crust of the earth will simply move. It's not going to be as tragic as we all think. Mother will stretch and move and fall into her perfect state, and heaven will truly be here, and we will see and live in that state as well.

The shift has already begun, the poles are already starting to move, and large amount of energies are coming to planet earth. Because I can see energy, I can see when the energies come, and our science can take readings of how much energy is in the earth, and do you know in the last year it has more than tripled? Large amount of energies are coming to planet earth, and they are coming in short intervals to give us time to digest these new energies.

Some of us are feeling the … the side-effects of these energies coming. Our bodies are simply trying to work through these new energies that are coming, and we are digesting them. When the big shift happens, a ton of energy will come to planet earth, and if we were not given little bits at a time to get used to it, our human bodies would die. But it is true, the shift has already started, Mother earth and the human bodies now have more energy vibrating in them than ever before.

Too many of us on planet earth think 'well, this is a story that the indigenous have been saying for a long time', but we do not realize that it is really happening now. The world is changing, our bodies are changing. Our DNA structure is actually changing. It is real. We will experience this shift. We are the ones who will be alive during the change, and it really is up to us to change the way we live.

If we do not change, and stay living from the mind and from the ego, we will be removed, because we are killing mother earth. It is a universal law that mother earth will go on, but it is up to us whether we go with her or not. All we are asked to do is be love. That is it, it is so easy. And your soul will always lead you in the right direction. Always.

Q&A Video

In another video Crowther apparently fields questions from the audience:

It is true that there are twelve of us, this is what I was told when I became a wisdom keeper, that there are twelve of us on this planet right now, and we have all been taught lessons from the other side, the same lessons, and we all have very special or significant duties to our planet. My duty is to teach the people. One goes from indigenous tribe to indigenous tribe, sharing the message from each tribe to the other tribes. One is specifically working with that energy on our planet that is moving. But the twelve of us live all over the world. One in Africa, one in the States, one … we are all over. And we all have our own specific job. But out of respect, I will not name them. If they want to be in the public then that is their … their right. And we talk on the telephone, or meet in meetings, or we use what is called our "window", I call it my picture show, but basically a screen will open and we talk back and forth.

<to be continued>

Statement of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation

"The Culture and Elders Committee of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation protect the intangible cultural resources of the tribes including language, songs, stories etc.

No tribal Elders or elders have met with nor do they condone the claims and actions made by Kiesha Crowther.

She is not their 'shaman', she has no right to claim this title and the Elders and elders of CSKT of the Flathead Reservation would like her to cease and desist immediately from making such false claims that erode the traditions that members of the CSKT Culture and Elders Committee are trying to preserve."

The posting of this statement came with the permission and urging of the Salish elders. Anyone doubting this message's authenticity can contact the Flathead Reservation.

connected to Alejandro Oxlaj

Kiesha Crowther, also known as "Little Grandmother," was initiated as shaman at age 30 by her mother's tribe (Sioux/Salish), and has been recognized by the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders as Wisdom Keeper of North American, responsible for guiding the "Tribe of Many Colors." The daughter of a white father and a Sioux/Salish mother, she grew up in a small farming community in Southern Colorado. As A child she spent long periods of time alone in the wilderness, where she lived with and learned from the four-legged, one-legged, winged-ones and swimmers, as well as the star and stone people. Unaware that she had been identified at a young age by the tribal elders to later be shaman, her young life was marked by many unusual experiences and abilities that she did not understand. As a child, she had been taught by the ancestors, grandmothers past, and Mother Earth, and was known for her ability to sense and communicate with wild animals and to see and work with energy.

Since being initiated on her path as Shaman and Wisdom Keeper, Kiesha has begun to share prophecy and teachings and to conduct sacred ceremony. She bears the responsibility for carrying and communicating earth wisdom and the ancient prophecies for our current age. Toward this end, she has released videos of her talks, which are freely available on YouTube and which have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people so far all over the globe. Her work as a Wisdom Keeper also includes the planting of sacred crystals in very specific locations around the world for the renewal and strengthening of Mother Earth's precious ley lines. Her powerful message emphasizes how to shift individual and planetary consciousness, how to live in the heart in right relationship with Mother Earth, and to remember who we are—THE GREAT I AM.

Little Grandmother frequently travels, performing earth healing ceremonies and giving workshops and talks nationally and internationally.


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