Debate with YouTube User "Lightcatcher3"

A 'debate' in YouTube Comments These occurred in different threads, which I will attempt to distinguish.

About the opponent

lightcatcher3 lists himself as 'Paul' on his YouTube profile, which references his website "Living Being Media". He is listed there as 'Paul Smyres', and has a 'network' of websites, including a 2012 related one.

Thread One: "Think for yourself"

think for yourself folks. There is a lot of great material out there from many sources that will change your life and help you..  You may have to read some big books however, and listen to a lot of interviews. forget the dumb "trolls" who ask you to "prove" all things to their satisfaction. study, and prove it to yourself. You're the only one that needs proof, not the scoffers and morons who criticize everything.
lightcatcher3 1 day ago

Not a good start. Lightcatcher3 calls people who ask for proof "trolls", "scoffers" and "morons", and then proceeds to state that people should "study, and prove it to yourself. You're the only one that needs proof…"

The issue here is that Lightcatcher3 ignores the known science in favor of his 'proof' that is valid to himself. By ignoring the science he excludes the base of knowledge that has been vetted by the scientific method.

@lightcatcher3 -think for yourself folks- Of course, who needs all that silly science and math and stuff, when you can just use intuition and new-age books, and simply make unsupported claims? How about some evidence for a change?
2012hoaxdotorg 21 hours ago

Here is my (unanswered) challenge for lightcatcher3 to produce some evidence. In effect, 'Put up, or shut up.'.

Thread Two: Dr. Morrison, PR Flunky

I'm sure he totally believes what he's saying but many astrophysicists and other smart scientists would disagree with him. He's a PR person obviously, parental type, "now now, children, don't worry, daddy says it's all okay " go back to work, be a patriot, etc.
lightcatcher3 22 hours ago

Here is lightcatcher3's opening salvo in his attempt to marginalize Dr. Morrison.

@lightcatcher3 name them, please.
2012hoaxdotorg 21 hours ago

My response, indicating that I want him to name the "many astrophysicists and other smart scientists" who would disagree with him.

@2012hoaxdotorg once again, I don't have to name anything to you. I only need to prove something to myself based on my own research and thinking. what you believe doesn't matter to me, that's your life. but clearly the guy in this video is a PR dude, following the line, probably a low level administrator type who never questions what he's been told.
lightcatcher3 21 hours ago

An interesting response, in that he's made a specific claim, that "many astrophysicists" would disagree with Dr. Morrison, but now he says he 'doesn't have to name anything' to me. He goes on to state that he only needs to prove something to himself based on his own research and thinking, and that what I believe doesn't matter to him. Don't bother him with the facts, he's got his own opinion, and that's what he's going with! Then he goes on to call Dr. Morrison (The former Science Director at NASA Ames, the founder of the NASA Astrobiology Institute, lead scientist with the NASA Lunar Science Institute, the current director of SETI, etc.) a "PR dude" and "probably a low level administrator type".

BZZT, sorry, lightcatcher3, you've just stepped in it.

@lightcatcher3 So what you are saying is that you make claims that you refuse to back up with anything other than your feelings? Dr. Morrison is a Senior scientist at NASA's Lunar Institute, and NASA's Astrobiology Institute. He's not a 'low level administrator', as you would know if you had bothered to look up his CV.
2012hoaxdotorg 21 hours ago

I call him on his blunder.

@2012hoaxdotorg it's not possible to debate important things with youtube comments or provide detailed "proof" of anything. I believe what I do based on years of study and listening, observing. I don't claim Elenin will be a disaster. I say it's obvious things have hit earth and other planets in the past and old myths warn us. but most people ignore that and think people in the past were ignorant. They weren't. they were as smart as us and often much wiser.
lightcatcher3 17 hours ago

Deflect, backpedal, and claim that the youtube comments aren't a proper forum.

@lightcatcher3 how convenient. You impugn the motive and reputation of a man who you admit you know nothing about, and then when called on it, you back into a claim that it is not possible to debate important things in youtube comments. Now you're saying that you don't claim that this comet will cause a disaster, but here you are telling people to do their own research, implying that Morrison is wrong when he says that it won't cause a problem. Can you back up anything you say?.
2012hoaxdotorg 14 hours ago

I call him on that blunder.

@lightcatcher3 I challenge you to back up your original statement that many astrophysicists disagree with Dr. Morrison about Comet Elenin.

Name ONE. Then we can talk about the different claims, and see who we believe.
2012hoaxdotorg 14 hours ago

I still haven't gotten an astrophysicist's name out of lightcatcher3, let alone the 'many' he claimed initially.

@2012hoaxdotorg I'm constantly amazed at how people who tell me to 'do your own research' are ignorant about simple issues, like who Dr. Morrison is. You would think with all the research they tell others to do simply looking it up before they make a ridiculous assumption would be easy.

@lightcatcher3 That said, so why DIDN'T you look it up before you made a ridiculous claim? Aren't you big into research?
ThreeFangCat 16 hours ago

ThreeFangCatThreeFangCat weighs in, and skewers lightcatcher3 again. Mr. "Do your own research" apparently has never heard of Google.

@ThreeFangCat indeed… and talk is cheap on the internet, where Mensur Omerbashich suddenly becomes a famous astrophysicist with the Royal Astronomical Society. Remember that one? :-)
2012hoaxdotorg 14 hours ago

I anticipated Omersbasich's name, but later lightcatcher3 brings up another one. See below.

@2012hoaxdotorg Oh yes, turns out 'ol Mensur was part of The European Royal Society, which sounds like the famous RAS but really means nothing. He's a tricky one.
ThreeFangCat 13 hours ago

@ThreeFangCat okay, he's an "expert". I don't mean to insult him, but he's "old school". There is a lot of new information in astrophysics, and contributions from other disciplines. 80 percent of stars have a binary companion, and brown dwarfs can have planets… recent discovery. it's not possible to debate in youtube comments, so this will be my last reply. you must read more. Dr. Paul Laviolette.. look him up, and he's not alone. comets can carry a charge, one exploded in 2007
lightcatcher3 7 hours ago

An admission of error… sort of. lightcatcher3 goes on to cite things we already know. Yes, most stars are not singletons. Yes, brown dwarfs can have planets. Then he brushes us off with the "You must read more" comment. THEN he brings up LaViolette, but no specifics.

Thread Three: R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

if NASA would like respect, how about seeing many detailed, high resolution COLOR photos of mars, and all the other planets. so much is in altered color, black and white, etc. they have fantastic cameras now, why can't we see more ? and what about the South Pole telescope. I'd like to see what they are looking at secretly. but they're not talking. trust comes from transparency, not secrecy.
lightcatcher3 6 hours ago

In the last decade, the amount of data (including COLOR photos of Mars) coming out of NASA has jumped dramatically. But no! It's still not enough!! What is NASA hiding?? Then the implication that the South Pole Telescope is a big giant secret project.

@lightcatcher3 if you would like respect, how about you do some actual "research". Perhaps you might find that the South Pole Telescope is a microwave telescope, operated by the University of Chicago (not NASA), and that its public website can be accessed at

So, what about those astrophysicists who disagree with Dr. Morrison regarding Comet Elenin? Or are you going to stick with LaViolette?
2012hoaxorg 1 hour ago

If you want respect, give respect. If lightcatcher3 wants to know what the SPT is doing, he can find the papers published via the University of Chicago SPT website. They're on ArXiV, so he can pull them down and read them for himself. How much more transparent can you get?

Thread Four: Can't talk here…

it is ridiculous to debate huge issues like this in YouTube comments. if someone believes differently than me it's because of different knowledge. "2012" is not a date for doom. we are clearly going through a huge transition on earth now and some of that is related to the sun, cosmic energy, and our galactic position. It's foolish to be complacent and assume anything, or believe an "authority" without researching for one's self. I don't trust NASA at all, for good reasons.
lightcatcher3 7 hours ago

See, nobody can debate me because YouTube comments just aren't the right forum, but oh by the way, don't trust NASA.

@lightcatcher3 Of course, that way you can insult the scientists, impugn their motives and reputation, and then retreat behind the silly claim that there's no way to 'debate' the issues here.

You are acting like a coward.

2012hoaxorg 1 hour ago

Run away, Sir Robin!


Lightcatcher3 is unfortunately typical of the Profits of Doom. Lots of bluster and claims, no data or support. Thanks for the entertainment, Paul.



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