M. G. Harris
A message to all youngsters re 2012 from a children's author

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M. G. Harris is an author of a children's adventure series.

Afraid of 2012? Don't be. I've written a series of adventure stories for kids based around a boy who 'saves the world' from a 2012 threat - and I don't believe there's anything to it. It's just a story, a bogeyman, no more real than vampires or ring-hunting Dark Forces of Evil. The stuff of stories! But your FEAR is real. It comes from a real place inside you and can be dealt with. So let's talk about FEAR and 2012.

It's not silly to be afraid of a 2012 threat. Not because anything will happen. (It won't.) But because fear is real and fear of doom is real, especially in adolescence. And it seems that there has always been something to fear.

(Read what Tyler says http://www.2012hoax.org/forum/t-206418 and http://bit.ly/6Wvzu4 )

I myself spent teenage years first obsessed that the world was going to end in 1981 (one of the Nostrodamus daftnesses), then about nuclear war (which was a real possibility but not as bad as we believed, turned out the Russian military prowess had been hugely exaggerated), then about terminal illness. I had a morbid bent…it wasn't hard to see where it came from. Marital breakdown had twice wrecked our family life, so I had first hand experience at how powerless a child is in an adult world.

The fear is inside you. What you really fear is not 2012 or anything else. For some reason you more than other kids have some idea of what it means to watch your world fall apart with your utterly helpless to stop it. Maybe like me you have experienced this already. Maybe you have a very powerful imagination. Chances are its a bit of both.

How do you deal with such a fear? There are two basic strategies and they are kind of mutually exclusive (i.e. it's one OR the other)

1. Confront the fear. Talk about it. Coming here is good, talking to your friends is good. Laugh at your fear with them, if you can. (My friends all laughed at me…*sigh*, in a fond way)

2. Deny the fear. Train yourself to turn your mind (instantly if possible) from ALL thoughts of 2012. Avoid mentions of it in the press. Don't watch the movie, or any of those History channel documentaries. Denial works and since this particular fear is based on no scientific evidence, there's no reason to spend time thinking about 2012.
Denial, however, won't deal with the root of your fear. It may well emerge in another fear about something else.

I tried both methods to get rid of my fears. History dealt with 1981 (guess what, world didn't end) and with the Cold War too (it ended in 1989). Both methods worked to some extent. I wish I'd known then that the fears were really more about my internal anxieties. But therapy for kids, hah! We laughed at such ideas where I was brought up.

Mainly though, live and enjoy your life. Control is an illusion - as your mind wakes up to everything else in life, it is slowly waking up to that too. Bad things may happen to you and people you love, and there isn't always anything you can do. It is the human condition. Work hard at your education, eat right, take some exercise, be good to those around you and if you believe in God, say your prayers.

Sounds simple and pretty old school, right? We parents don't tell kids all that because we want to control you, but because we know that against all the tough things that happen in life, education, health and good relationships are your only weapons.

They won't always be enough, but they are all we have. You can only do your best. So do your best and then stop worrying - about ANYTHING. Go and play. Read a book. (Maybe not The Joshua Files if you are choosing the denial strategy. But if you are confronting, go for it! Josh saves the world against the bad guys who want 2012 to turn his world upside down so that they can take over! Saves it again and again!)

Oh and Happy Christmas 2009!

MG Harris

Editor's note: This article was copied from a post by Ms. Harris in our forum. It has not been altered in any respect.


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