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2012 is a hoax!
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2012 and the Ascension of Mankind (New Age)

According to many New Age practitioners, the Ascension of Mankind (also called the Second Coming of the Christ (1)) will happen in 2012. One tenet in the New Age belief system is that humanity is evolving to an endpoint of union with God. At this time, the Christ energy will come and renew the people, who have prepared for the Ascension. These people then will vibrate at higher levels until they achieve “beingness” at least five dimensions. Then everyone will merge with the Godhead. Those who do not ascend will perish, since the Earth will also be transformed by the Christ energy as well.

Some Basic New Age Beliefs

One tenet of the New Age belief system is that the Ascended Masters (beings who have merged with the Godhead) will help those who have not. They do this by channeling messages through various people. The Ascended Master chooses a person or persons to deliver their teachings. This person may be used for a number of years. Also, one person may channel several beings at the same time.

Another tenet is that spiritual experiences need not be verified by education or research. Reliance on gut feelings is how the certainty and truth of a channeling is determined. For example, Barbara Hand Clow in her book, “The Mayan Code” writes: “(Carl Johan) Calleman’s Thirteen Heavens of the Mammalian Underworld actually do describe how the evolutionary force expresses itself in nature.” “My consideration of Calleman’s hypothesis of biological evolution and the Mayan Calendar is the central theme of this book; since I am convinced he has discovered the real meaning of the Calendar.” (2) (Calleman believes that the Mayan Calendar demonstrates the exact divine time plan to the Ascension.)

Veracity of Channelings

Many religions have methods to test promptings from the Spirit or Spirits. One problem that they address is who are these beings. Are they aliens, demons, angels, or something else? Also how is mental illness defined? How are hearing voices not to be considered a form of insanity? Does the message run counter to accepted religious practices?

For New Age believers, testing each channeled message is incumbent on the channeler. Barbara Marciniak, who channels Pleiadians, writes, “I might add that I insist on a strong integrity level with the concepts I release to the general public; they are first tested in my own life and that of my students.”(3) Virgil Armstrong (4), who channels the extraterrestrial Guardian Forces, writes, “Even when I first heard of the Photon Belt, I was inclined, through ignorance, to give it little credence. In fact, my first reaction, ‘the Wu-Wus’ (New Age believers) are at it again. They have invented a new wrinkle to make more money.” This was almost a colossal mistake on my part, but Spirit had its way and notified me that it was real.”(5)

In these examples, the final arbitrator is the channeler and the certainty of their feelings. The channelings are true unless proven otherwise. Moreover, the question what the entity is seems not to be addressed, but is taken on face value on who they say they are. In fact, Marciniak states that she does not who the Pleiadians she channels are.

The Ascension Process

How do people attain this union with the Godhead? Their Lightbodies (souls), after being cleansed, will expand to fill the five dimensions (or more). Since everyone has been reincarnated so many times, the physical body of the present is temporary. It will cease to be.

In her book, “The Last Ghost Dance”, Brooke Medicine Eagle(6) writes, “This process is one of bringing Spirit into our denser bodies and then becoming less and less dense as we fill ourselves with Light. I believe we have all the latent encoding we need for becoming a Lightbody. As the pillar of celestial fire fills us, it is triggering transformation possibilities that already live within us.” (7)

The following list is of common symptoms that occur in preparation for the coming Ascension. How this happens, according to New Age beliefs, is that various entities will download DNA codes in to people’s bodies. But, everyone (not just those preparing for the Ascension) has experienced some of these sometime in their lives. Some symptoms are indicative of mental illnesses, others of physical ones, and still others of aging. However, many New Age believers claim that these are the signs that our bodies being readied for the Ascension

Some symptoms of Ascension include:

  • Feeling stress.
  • A feeling of disorientation.
  • Unusual aches and pains.
  • Waking at night between 2 and 4 a.m.
  • Memory loss.
  • Heightened sensitivities to your surroundings.
  • Dizziness, loss of balance, back and neck pain, ringing in the ears, “gritty” eyes, and blurred vision.
  • Heart palpitations with difficulty in breathing.
  • Headaches.
  • Crying about anything.
  • Not remembering the meaning of anything.
  • You don’t feel like doing anything.
  • A loss of desire for food.

Why 2012?

To answer why the year 2012 for the Ascension, review the channelings of the 1990s to the present. In the 1990s, either no date was attached to the Ascension or it was the coming millennium. Virgil Armstrong in 1995 wrote that the second coming of the Christ will occur in the year 2005. (8)
Meanwhile Brooke Medicine Eagle in her first book (written in 1991) discusses the coming Ascension but gives no date. However in her second book (written in 2000), “The Last Ghost Dance”, she gives 2012. She also tells about her friendship with Jose Arguelles, who convinced her to hold a Harmonic Convergence (9) ritual in 1987. He was the one who pressed on her the importance of 2012.

Meanwhile, Barbara Hand Clow who channels messages from the Pleiadians freely admits to adopting the Arguelles date of 2012. John Major Jenkins confirms in his book “The 2012 Story” how Arguelles was the one who spread the meme of 2012 in the New Age community. Ironically, Jenkins also spread the meme by writing “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012” in 1998.

The development of this meme can be traced through other means as well. Barbara Marciniak, who started channeling the Pleiadians in 1988, makes no mention of 2012 as the Ascension date in a 1998 interview with “The Monthly Aspectarian” (10). In that interview, she and the Pleiadians focused on Y2K instead. However her book editor and publisher was Barbara Hand Clow, who also published Jenkins and Arguelles. By 2004, Marciniak was including the 2012 for Ascension, and had the Pleiadians commenting on the Mayan Calendar as well. (11)

Another channeler who followed the same pattern is Amorah Quan-Yin, who channels Pleiadians, Sirians, various Galactic Federations, and dolphins since 1988. She did not attach any date to Ascension until Barbara Hand Clow edited her books starting in 1996. (12) How could so many advanced beings not know the date was 2012? How did Hand Clow know the date before they did? (Perhaps her group of Pleiadians did not inform Quan-Yin’s group.)

The 2012 meme spread from Arguelles to Medicine Eagle and Hand Clow. From Hand Clow, it spread to Marciniak and Quan-Yin. Meanwhile, Jenkins’s 2012 books were published and edited by Hand Clow.
Outside of this circle is Jelaila Starr who channels the Nibiruan Council. Her channelings follow a similar pattern. In her newsletter for December 2001 (13) she discusses their Grand Experiment of 2003 of creating a “New Earth”. Then in her 2004 newsletter, she claims that the Ascension started September 11, 2001, when the planes flew into the World Trade Towers. (14) However in 2005, after a few books were published about the 2012 date and the Mayan calendar, did her newsletter for February 2005 feature the 2012 date for the Ascension. (15)

Afterwards, Starr included other ideas from the other channelers. From Marciniak, she borrowed the idea that the Earth will cross the Galactic Equator, and then move into the Photon Band. She also stressed Arguelles’ idea of the Harmonic Convergence starting the countdown to 2012. Mixing Marciniak’s ideas and Arguelles’, Starr added her idea that a new dimension of consciousness will come into being. (16)

What emerges from the channelings is how they reflect each other. If these advanced beings are concerned with all of the Earth’s humans, then why are they peculiarly focused on American concerns such as Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s policies and personalities? For example Quan-Yin describes how President Obama appeared to her and her students. As an “Enlightened Being”, he was leading a group called the “League of Nations” (17) Meanwhile Hand Clow discusses on her website how the Pleiadians say that President George W. Bush promoted fascism.

2012 Ascension Focus: Christ and Quetzalcoatl

Within New Age circles, Jesus Christ is often conflated with Quetzalcoatl, a God of the Mesoamericans. In “The 2012 Story”, Jenkins writes that Tom Shearer wrote about the connection between the two in his books of the 1970s. By the 1980s, Shearer’s ideas became doctrine with many New Age believers. Medicine Eagle in her two books writes about He (Christ) came to the Americas and was called by many names including Quetzalcoatl. Hand Clow writes, “What I did not understand about 9D is why its Keepers are the Enochians. (emphasis is hers) Well, these Keepers may reveal the actual mechanics of evolutionary processes, as you will see. This ultimately led me to the revelation that Christ – Quetzalcoatl to the Maya – is the central motivating figure of the evolutionary processes, the nexus point between the material and spiritual realms.” (18)

However, she got her ideas from Calleman, who wrote about how the two are connected. He writes, “It has been suggested several times that the energies of Christ and Quetzalcoatl are the same or at least closely associated. If nothing else, it was in the baktun ruled by Quetzalcoatl, AD 40-434, that Christianity expanded to a world religion. This, in contrast to many of the religions that had preceded it, brought a message of love and forgiveness to mankind. On a symbolic level the Cross of Christianity was an expropriation of the World Tree and Quetzalcoatl was really the Serpent that in so many traditions was winding around the World Tree and in this symbolism the two energies are immediately connected.” (19)

2012 Ascension Focus: The Photon Band

What these channelers also focus on is that the Earth will come in full contact with the Photon Band in 2012. When that happens, the Earth will be rained with purifying energy. Those who have cleansed and restored their Lightbodies will be ready. Those who have neither integrated nor made amends will perish. The earth will experience darkness, and then eternal light. A new Earth will come into being.

According to various New Age sources, the Photon Band (Belt) was discovered in 1961 by satellites. These sources state that the band encircles the Pleiades at an absolute right angle to its orbital plane. Sol, our Sun, orbits the Pleiades every 26,000 years, and reaches the mid-point of the Band every 12,500 years. This Earth/Sun/Pleiades cycle is at the end of a 230,000,000 year orbit around the Galactic Center. (20)

**For the record, there is no Photon Band, and hence no discovery by satellites. Our Sun does not orbit the Pleiades. Moreover, the Earth is moving away from the Pleiades. **

However given this level of specificity, none of the channelers can agree on what it is or when the Earth first entered this band. Armstrong claims that it is the abode of the Christ, and that the Earth entered it in 2000 CE. Meanwhile both Hand Clow and Medicine Eagle say that it is a large mass of light particles. But Hand Clow claims entry in 1998, whilst Medicine Eagle says 1996. Quan-Yin says that the band is a high-frequency cosmic emanation from the center of the Galaxy, and that the Earth’s entry happened in 2000.

However, Jenkins claims that Marciniak introduced the idea of a Photon Band in 1992, with her first channeled book. (21) Hand Clow started writing about this band in 1995, Quan Yin in 1996. Meanwhile, Armstrong, who is not associated with Hand Clow, published his first book on the Photon Belt in 1995.

Jenkins further credits Arguelles with connecting this band with 2012. According to Arguelles, the Earth’s passage through this band will purify it for Ascension in 2012. The channelers merely reiterate these two concepts in their writings.

2012 Ascension Focus: The Pleiadians

Channeling Pleiadians came into vogue in the early 1990s. Since then, three people have emerged as well-known channelers of Pleiadians – Barbara Marcaniak, Barbara Hand Clow, and Amorah Quan-Yin. Perhaps they were inspired by the popularity of Subaru cars, with their distinctive logo of the Pleiades star system.

These three women do not channel the same group of Pleiadians. Hand Clow channels Satya, whom she first claimed to be “Astrologer, Keeper of the Records for the Pleiades and the Central Pleiadian Library of Alcyone” (22), and later promoted to “Goddess”. (23) She explains that the Pleiadians were deeply involved with the Earth until the “Great Catastrophe”. In 1995, Satya said this happened in 10,800 BCE when the Earth’s poles shifted. (24) However, in 2000, Satya changed her mind and claimed that the date is actually 9,500 BCE when the Vela Supernova nearly destroyed the Earth. (25)

Meanwhile Marciniak says she does not who the Pleiadians she channels really are, only that they are collective of multi-dimensional beings. (26) She claims that they were assigned to the Earth from the future. According to Marciniak, her Pleiadians claim that the Earth is a living Library for Creation. In 1994, these beings of the future were convinced that the end point for Ascension was 2000 or Y2K. However, in 2004 they changed their minds and cited 2012. (27)

Quan-Yin channels Ra of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. According to her group of Pleiadians, humans originated in deep space, and are closely connected with various space aliens. Ra claims that humans will bring about the Second Coming of Christ on Earth provided that 144,000 of them are initiated into Quan-Yin’s Mystery School.

Along with the Photon Band, the Pleiadians will aid in the Ascension in 2012. Depending on the channeler, the roles of the Pleiadians differ. Hand Clow says that they will lift the quarantine placed on the Earth. Meanwhile, Quan-Yin claims that they are here to clear the way for the Second Coming of Christ on the Earth. For Marciniak, the Pleiadians are to assist the Earth through the transition from the third dimension.

From a sampling of these channelers, the various groups of Pleiadians closely reflect the interests of each person who reports on their pronouncements. One thing that all these women stress is that the Pleiadians will bring the Goddess energies back to the Earth. The Female Goddess will return to balance the energies of the Male God (i.e. monotheism) and overturn the Age of the Patriarchy. All three women discuss the urgent need for the Divine Feminine in the world today in order for the Ascension to occur.

With this focus of restoring the Goddess to her proper place beside God, the channeling of aliens becomes a device to promote religious views. The channelings are now a covert method to promote their various belief systems. Therefore, the channelings should be regarded as religious texts rather than as actual facts or prophecy.


It is demonstrated how New Age practitioners reference each other, and rarely research outside their own circle. For example, Calleman’s ideas of time accelerating for the Mayan Calendar and hence the Ascension, which Hand Clow agrees with, came from Marciniak in her channelings. These people’s beliefs are self-re-enforcing. Therefore the Ascension happening in 2012 is pure speculation based on a closed loop of authors and channelers.

Calleman actually provides reasons as to why 2012 (or in his case 2011) is not the date of the Ascension. He tells of how divine creation follows its own pace, and not what a calendar assigns to it. He writes, “And if every one of us represents the unfolding of a unique aspect of the divine plan there is further the possibility to live our own lives based on our unique guidance, resonance, intuition, creativity, and choice, rather than on what is expected from us by society or others. We have the choice to live a unique life based on the guidance we receive and the values we shape.”(28)


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