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Pane Andov claims to have been contacted by extraterrestrials and given information about 2012

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Pane Andov is a former computer specialist with some unconventional ideas. Much like Nancy Lieder and Alexander Retrov, he claims to be in contact with alien intelligence, and has been given (or has discovered) information about 'what is going to happen' in December 2012.

About Pane Andov

Born: 1973 in Skopje, Macedonia1
Education: Computer Sciences, Computer Power Supplies (degree and graduation date unknown)2
Employment: "computer specialist in Macedonia’s largest telecommunication company"3, Editor-In-Chief of "шесто сетило" (The Sixth Sense) Magazine4.

Astral Projection

By meditating six hours a day, I started to discover my inner potential. Although I was attracted to all psychic abilities, I was particularly drawn to the extraordinary ability called ‘astral projection.’5.

Extraterrestrial Experimentation

I began to understand that humanity was under some kind of experiment by a few ET races and that the truth was hidden from us. … I realized I couldn’t share my observations and conclusions because the power of the ideas alone could demolish someone’s whole belief system and harm them.6.

Andov appears to have gotten over his reluctance to share his information.

The Sixth Sense (Magazine)

According to Andov, the magazine covered topics such as: Ancient civilizations, UFO phenomena, extraterrestrial influences over humanity, Top Secret projects and experiments, hidden agendas of the Elite, meditation, kundalini energy, astral projection, remote viewing, telepathy, auras, clairvoyance, psychometrics and psychokinesis.7

Basic Errors

As with other 'contactees' or 'channelers', Andov makes some basic errors that stand in contradiction to known science. For example, Andov states that:

  • Particles can go faster than the speed of light

This probably isn't true. The experiment that showed a possibility of 'Faster Than Light Neutrinos' was later found to have a fault in a fiber optic cable, throwing off the timing signals.

  • There is a visible energy ‘ribbon’ at the edge of our solar system

No such 'ribbon' is visible, unless you can see in 'neutral particle emissions'. Here Andov is referring to the IBEX findings8. More recent evidence suggests that the ribbon may be a reflection of the solar wind.9

  • There is a black hole at the center of our galaxy that pulses an energy burst… about every 26,000 years

There is a super-massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. It does not "pulse an energy burst… about every 26,000 years". Here Andov confuses something happening at the center of the galaxy with the period of precession of the equinoxes.

  • Technology for Free Energy sources is a reality

Without knowing what 'free energy source' he is talking about, it's hard to say for sure, but various schemes such as perpetual motion or various claims of 'zero point energy' are false.

  • ET evidence ranges from sightings and interviews, phenomena such as crop circles, and archaeological evidence older than the Egyptian pyramids

Certainly claims of ET Evidence from these sources exists, but the claims also have mundane explanations.

People thought he was crazy…

When I first brought much of this information out, most people thought I was crazy…

Really? I can't imagine why.


Pane Andov makes several extraordinary claims on his website.

Sun goes into Red Giant Phase on 23 Dec 2012

Pane Andov states in a post on his website10 that the Sun, which all mainstream astronomers and astrophysicists agree is in a very stable time in its life, will suddenly go into a Red Giant phase on December 23rd 2012. In this 18-page post, Andov attempts to provide evidence for this by tying together various scientific discoveries, and molding them into a menacing conclusion. However, what he does instead is demonstrate his lack of understanding of those discoveries.

Supermassive Black Holes

Andov states that supermassive black holes drive the rotation and shape of each galaxy11. This is a common misconception. In fact, astronomers and astrophysicists will tell you that if you were to remove the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, the effect it would have on us would be zero. The mass of the galaxy is somewhere between 1.0 and 1.5 * 1012 Msun while the mass of the central black hole is between 3.5 and 4.7 * 106 Msun Taking the high estimate for the black hole, and the low estimate for the galaxy, we can calculate that the black hole is at most 0.00047% (4.7 * 10-4%) of the mass of the galaxy.

Andov then states that supermassive black holes are spinning at unbelievable rates. He does not mention a study to support this, and our research suggests that a good fraction of supermassive black holes have "high" spin rates based on whether or not the galaxies have undergone mergers in the past.12, but not all supermassive black holes have high spin rates. Andov also states that the spin of a black hole 'flattens the gravitational field' into a thin disk13, and I can find no references to spin rates changing the shape of the event horizon or the gravitational field.

Andov also raises the old canard about falling into a black hole and appearing elsewhere in the universe or in a parallel universe14. This was speculative decades ago when we didn't understand what Quasars were (we now know that these objects are active galactic nuclei) and some thought that 'quasars' might be 'white holes' connected to 'black holes' by 'wormholes'. However, the big surprise is that (according to Andov) we "know" that supermassive black holes explode and release "powerful and for human kind still unknown form of energy."15, and that this energy is "intelligent" and "… is a scanning program of the Cosmic Designer Himself…." and that it will Upgrade DNA and "manifest evolution to species"16. No evidence or studies are cited for these remarkable claims.

Andov claims that during supermassive black hole explosions17 that two things are observed: 1) 'Cosmic jets' originating from the black hole, perpendicular to the plane of the galaxy and 2) a pulse or wave of energy spreading horizontally from the black hole along the plane of the galaxy. From these descriptions it is clear that Andov is discussing Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs, what we used to call "Quasars"). However, Andov also states that these features exist for "all galaxies that we have been able to observe in space". Even if we considered only the population of galaxies that have AGNs, this is simply not true. Not all AGNs produce relativistic jets, as can be seen with a simple glance at the Wikipedia entry on Active Galactic Nuclei. Of course, Pane only picks out the bits that support his ideas, and ignores the rest, so I would not expect him to actually read something that takes his idea and tosses it into the trash bin.

Another problem with the idea that Sgr A* is sending out a pulse of energy, is that Andov is apparently confusing density waves in the galaxies with AGNs with his 'pulse of energy'. Density waves occur in many spiral galaxies, and these are associated with star formation regions, where clouds of dust and gas collapse to form new stars.

Regardless of what he thinks about galaxies with active nuclei, there is zero evidence (and he has not presented any) that Sgr A* has blown up, or that supermassive black holes can blow up. His basic error here is confusing an AGN with the explosion of the black hole. Black holes don't explode. They pull in matter from the galaxy, which forms an accretion disk as it circulates, and then flares into X-Ray and Gamma frequencies as the matter falls into the black hole.

It should be noted that the idea of a chain-reaction of exploding supernova appears in Larry Niven's 'Ringworld' novel (1970).

Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Andov asserts18 that his explosion/pulse is real, that scientists knew about it, and that in response the Chandra X-Ray Observatory was launched to observe the galactic core in X-Rays, because they could not observe the galactic core in visible light. Andov is greatly mistaken in this belief, because the radio source Sgr A* was not imaged until 199919 providing the first strong evidence of a black hole in that location, and the motions of the stars in the region was not announced until 200220. The stellar motions were measured over a period of years using the infrared Keck II telescope, not in X-Rays. Chandra X-Ray images of Sgr A* such as this one do not resolve individual stars, but rather show broad regions illuminated by X-Ray emissions from Sgr A*.

It appears that Andov confuses the use of medical X-Rays (seeing inside our bodies) with the astronomical use of X-Rays. Chandra was launched because outside the atmosphere of the earth, it can detect X-Ray emissions 100 times fainter than can be detected on the ground, simply because the Earth's atmosphere blocks these weak X-Rays. Planning on Chandra (Then called the Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility or "AXAF") began in 1976!

Andov indulges himself in a classic conspiracy theorist allegation that no evidence equates to evidence of a coverup, and asserts that NASA provided no information on what Chandra's observations of Sgr A* meant for Earth. This again descends from his mistaken belief that the primary mission of Chandra was to observe Sgr A*.

Expanding Stars

Andov asserts21 that Chandra has also observed stars expanding under the influence of his pulse, but then states that if you contact NASA they will deny it. No evidence is provided that Chandra has recorded this observation, no links to any imagery are provided, and no citations of peer-reviewed literature are provided. Essentially what he has done is say: "NASA observed stars expanding, but if you ask NASA they will say 'no'.", which begs the question: Where is Andov getting his information from?

Andov goes on to say that "… the same [thing] will happen with our sun" and that when this "extremely powerful energetic pulse makes a contact …." a "complex nuclear reaction" will "cause our Sun to increase in size, swallowing Mercury and Venus". I'm sure that if we asked Andov to detail the nuclear reaction he is talking about, that he would be able to do so… right?

2000° C

Andov says22 that when the sun expands into a Red Giant, that surface temperatures on the earth will reach 2000° C, which is why an "underground world" has been constructed for "the elite". He then pauses for an amusing caution, that "this is the point where most of you will raise the red flag". Actually, I raised several red flags much earlier in this conversation.

Fermi Telescope

Andov then plunges right back in and asserts23 that the NASA Fermi Gamma-Ray Telescope has provided "unbreakable proof" that the galactic core "exploded" in the past and produced "cosmic jets".

What Fermi detected was a pair of large 'bubbles': "What we see are two gamma-ray-emitting bubbles that extend 25,000 light-years north and south of the galactic center"24. In stark contrast to Andov's claims of certainty and 'unbreakable proof', the article states "We don't fully understand their nature or origin." and "One possibility includes a particle jet from the supermassive black hole at the galactic center. In many other galaxies, astronomers see fast particle jets powered by matter falling toward a central black hole. While there is no evidence that the Milky Way's black hole sports such a jet today, it may have in the past. The bubbles also may have formed as a result of gas outflows from a burst of star formation, perhaps the one that produced many massive star clusters in the Milky Way's central light-years several million years ago."

Do you see the difference between what Andov is saying and what the guys running Fermi are saying? Andov apparently stopped reading when he got to the part that he liked, and failed to comprehend the rest of the article. This is not "unbreakable proof" of anything. The actual scientists are saying "we don't understand this".

Gamma Ray Bursts

Andov apparently confuses the "gamma ray emitting bubbles" with "gamma ray bursts"25, as he discusses the former until halfway down page 6, and then suddenly begins talking about the dangers of Gamma Ray Bursts. Just for the record, Gamma Ray Bursts are thought to occur in certain types of Supernova, not by supermassive galactic black holes:

Most observed GRBs are believed to consist of a narrow beam of intense radiation released during a supernova as a rapidly rotating, high-mass star collapses to form a neutron star, quark star, or black hole. A subclass of GRBs (the "short" bursts) appear to originate from a different process. This may be the merger of binary neutron stars and perhaps specifically the development of resonance between the crust and core of such stars as a result of the massive tidal forces experienced in the seconds leading up to their collision, causing the entire crust of the star to shatter.26

H.E.S.S. Data

Andov then hops right onto the High Energy Stereoscopic System (H.E.S.S.) data27, and claims that the H.E.S.S. telescopes have given 'confirmation'. Unfortunately for Andov the H.E.S.S. has found several gamma-ray emitting structures within the galaxy28, but did not find the Fermi bubbles. These are different structures, and the only thing they have in common is that they emit gamma rays. Again, this is indicative that Andov 'cherry picks' his support from the scientific literature without really understanding it29.

Australia 'Safety Zone'

Pane Andov Claims in an April 4th 2012 post on his website that in 2008 he was shown a holographic projection of a particular area in Australia (about 1000km (600 miles) West of Brisbane, in the Queensland outback, near the Yowah opal fields). He claims that "…this area will survive the extreme geological changes that will soon happen on planet earth if Flower of Life Force Field is not constructed."

When the area was described to an Australian, he pointed out that in the Summer (November through February) that the area is prone to flooding, and that there is no infrastructure there to support a large number of people. Everything has to be trucked in, and is expensive.

eBook: 2012 A.D. Rumour or Reality

In the introduction to his eBook30 Andov states:

Dear Friends,

All that is presented here is for Information Purposes only.

The information shared today is only Pane Andov’s personal perspective on reality and possible
future events concerning 2012. Nothing more, nothing less.

What someone chooses to do with the information is their own choice.
Some of the information shared will probably be disturbing to some…or even in opposition to an
individual’s beliefs. If someone feels that the information is too much to handle…it is advised
that they leave the venue and protect themselves from receiving any further information.

Pane Andov will not be held responsible for any action someone takes as a result of the information
in this lecture.

(emphasis added)

In other words: "This book contains my personal viewpoint. I want to spew my nonsense without regard to critical review or conforming to that silly notion called "reality". If someone you love reads this and does something tragic and drastic, it's not my fault."

Yeah, actually it is, Pane. You even admit that your book "will probably be disturbing to some". It is your fault.

Errors in the eBook

Maya Calendar

The book repeats the error that the "Mayan (sic) Long Count Calendar ends on December 21st, 2012"31. It doesn't. See Why 2012?, the Maya Calendar and Maya Prediction pages.

Oregon Sri Yantra

There are contradictions in his claims about the 1990 "Oregon Sri Yantra". On page 47 Andov claims that the people who claimed that they created the design could not score the lakebed for more than 1/2 inch, but yet on page 50 he states that merely driving across the lake left 1/4 inch deep tracks. Andov also heaps abuse on the people who claim that they created the design, calling their account "an insult to human intelligence"32 . In contrast, Bill Witherspoon wrote an article that appeared in the Leonardo Music Journal Electronic Almanac, Vol. 12, No. 6 (June 2004) where he described the Oregon Sri Yantra as the first in a series of experimental art projects33. The first page of the article (available online) describes how the four people worked over the course of 10 days, and how a rain-storm on the final day erased the footprints that so troubled Andov by their absence. Andov goes on to claim that this was a "classic shadow government cover-up"34, whereas his explanation was that two people reported seeing some bright lights, and then went and found the design35.

Universal 'Creative Pulse'

Andov spends the next 34 pages rehashing basic cosmology (Big Bang, expansion, dark matter, dark energy) and goes on to make a wild claim that to him the Big Bang is: ".. the first manifestation of creation which represents the beginning of an intelligent pulse."36, and on the next page that "[the] creative pulse followed a precise pattern of movement and that same perfect geometrical-mathematical pattern can be seen even today everywhere around us."37. Here Andov is using a standard tactic of cranks: Using standard science to give the impression of scientific authority, and then interspersing it with unsupported claims that he wishes you to accept without question38.

Universe looks like Sri Yantra

Andov claims that the "[universe] looks exactly the same as the 3D depiction of ancient Sri Yantra"39, but he's comparing carefully selected images. One of the images is from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), and shows the distribution of matter along a plane as seen by the SDSS. This creates a flat delta shape that he compares with one of the parts of the Sri Yantra design. The other image is actually a schematic of the timeline of the universe, which he compares with his "3D depiction". In both cases, the comparisons are highly contrived. Andov claims that "If you are a clear observer without any scientific prejudices or any other belief system limitation, it becomes so obvious to you that Our Universe is alive, dynamic and fully conscious of itself." So in other words, if you are at all critical of his ideas, or you have any other "belief system" then you won't see that "Our Universe is alive…". This is the "TinkerBell" argument. In Barrie's 1911 book Peter Pan, Peter saves Tinkerbell from death by exhorting the children of Neverland to believe in her, and clap their hands. So if you just believe Andov, then all of his nonsense will suddenly make sense.

Universal Brain

Andov then spends the next 26 pages showing lots of slides of well established science, but on page 113 shows a picture that compares a brain cell to a supercluster of galaxies40, presumably in support of his "The Universe is Alive" claim. In fact, repeated patterns appear throughout nature. Just because a visual similarity exists does not mean that the two things are comparable. If Andov is suggesting that a supercluster is a brain cell in the 'mind of the Universe' then he might want to re-think that concept. Since nothing travels faster than light, it would take billions of years for information to cross his "galactic brain cell". That's one very slow brain!

Legal Threats against this site

Pane Andov has taken to making legal threats against this site.

Form data:
Your name: PANE ANDOV
Email: «redacted»
This website was brought to my attention today. I have checked the provided link and I have seen what your website is all about. Personally I have nothing against what someone believes regarding to the 2012. My information always Information Purposes Only, as stated on my websites, talks, and lectures. Just my personal view of reality and what is happening, nothing more and nothing less. However, I really do not appreciate someone blacking my name and reputation. I have contact my lawyers and they will be in contact with FBI
to resolve this issue.
(part 2)
Form data:
Your name: PANE ANDOV
Email: «redacted»
part 2. I'm sure they will be contacting you soon. I demand that you apologize and remove your webpage about myself, otherwise I will be forced to take legal action and eventually take your website down. I can assure you that I have the funds, the right people and ability to do that. So once again, I didn't do anything wrong to anyone of you, I haven't offend anyone of you, please remove my content from your website before I will be forced to take legal action against your offending and blacking my name. Respectfully, Pane Andov

William Hudson to pane.andov

Mr. Andov;

When you ask your lawyers to contact the FBI, have them explain "free speech", "criticism" and "fair use" to you. Also you might want to look up the "Streisand Effect".

Pane Andov to me

Dear William,

Once again, I politely ask you to remove my content from your website.


Pane Andov

William Hudson to Pane

Your content is not on my website, except as brief quotes, clearly identified as such, which falls under "fair use".

If you intend to pursue some kind of copyright claim, you will fail. The page discusses your claims, and critiques them. This clearly falls under the 'fair use' provisions of U.S. and international copyright law.

If you intend to pursue a claim of libel, you will have to show that the information presented on the website is false. Your disclaimer that the "information presented is for informational purposes only" is meaningless. The information presented on this website is for "informational purposes only". You, on the other hand, seek to profit from your videos by using them as a means to sell your books.

If you feel that the information I have presented is false, then you are free to point out the errors.

Pane Andov to me

Dear William,

It seems that we do not speak the same language. I can assure you that my lawyers understand the Law very well and have well established network world wide.

For the last time, I do not want to cause harm to you or your web site, so I politely ask you to remove my personal image and your content about myself.

Kind regards,


William Hudson to Pane

Well, I speak English. After hosting this site for several years, and successfully defending myself and the site from various legal and extra-legal claims, I also speak a bit of legalese.

My assertion is that the page clearly falls under the "fair use" exclusion of the copyright laws in the U.S. (that would be the equivalent of the "fair dealing" exclusion there in Australia). However, international law regarding copyrights on images is a bit murky, and while I feel that my use of your 'personal image' was also "fair use" (because the purpose of the use was criticism and education, and because the image was hosted on your own server, not on the servers) it may have been possible for a cleverly worded copyright infringement claim to prevail.

So, I have replaced the "personal image" of you with an image that merely reminds me of you. I hope you are happy with the result.

The rest of the content on the page is either my own work, or is minimal quotes from either your website or your ebook which clearly fall under "fair use" and "fair dealing" in both of our countries. Have your expert legal staff explain it to you.

Pane Andov's response to this site

Pane Andov has posted a response to this page calling us a "Small insignificant group of distorted individuals", and says:

I consulted with my friends who are experts and professionals in the field of Law and after evaluation we concluded that it’s only a small insignificant group of like-minded individuals who does not impact the public opinion much and it would be a waste of funds and time for pressing charges and taking part of their website down.

Translation: I talked to my lawyers, and they agree that the site has not violated my copyright or committed an act of libel.

In other words, all of the bluster above was just what I thought it was… empty and hollow threats.

Unfortunately for Pane, he was too impatient for us to actually finish this page. The threats of legal action began as soon as the page went online, even though it was not linked to the front page of the site, and clearly stated that it was "Under Construction"), so his response is already dated. That will be why when you read his response (and we suggest that you do), it will only mention some of the bullet points on this page, beginning with the 'Basic Errors' section.

By the way, Pane, thank you for all of the separate links back to our site, that really helps with the page ranking! And remember, I did warn you about the Streisand Effect.

One Member's Response

3WMElliott3WMElliott has responded to Pane's rebuttal page. It's very entertaining, and much better written than anything Pane puts out. You can read it here.


It is our conclusion that Pane Andov is just yet another in a long line of frauds and charlatans. The evidence suggests that the level of knowledge of astrophysics and astronomy displayed by Andov's extra-terrestrials is no better than Andov's own, and his own knowledge of these subjects is appallingly bad.

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