Profits Of Doom
We detail some of the various scam sites profiteering on 2012 fear

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Follow the Money

If you ever doubt that 2012 is now a scam, then the following information should convince you otherwise.

Selling Fear

  • Donny Gillson is a particularly vicious example of a 'Profit of Doom'.
  • The "Official" 2012 Countdown page, of James Michael Sayer fame, has been repeatedly exposed as a simple clickbank site, scamming money by offering anybody with a clickbank account the chance to make money by hawking their 'scare' book.
  • The 2012mythorfact site promotes a "report" on how to survive 2012.
  • The Project Enoch site is yet another clickbank site selling worthless reports.
  • Vivos would like to sell you space in one of their bunkers for a cool $25,000. Selling fear is now a timeshare!
  • offers a laundry list of bogus claims.


Even the people who are supposedly "trying to help" are using 2012 to turn a profit!

  • Bright Michelle is pretty, and has a nice smile, but doesn't understand even basic astronomy, and even confuses which claim she is promoting.

"The Lost Web Page of the Mayans"

Uh, what?? Ok, seriously, that is a direct quote off of this page (PNG capture) which is, of course, yet another person trying to cash in on 2012 hysteria by selling copies of the "Official 2012 Countdown Guide". This has turned into an entire cottage industry. You set up a web page, create an RSS feed off of Yahoo! Answers, suck down every reference to 2012 they can find, and then link to "the guide's" clickbank site, and start collecting the money.

Absolutely disgusting.



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