Some people like to rant at us

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People rant at us. We find it funny.

A Bubble Full of Magic

This rant actually appeared in our Comments section. You can see the responses this one received from various members of the site.

no i dont live in a bubble full of magic like this site does
pryingopenmythirdeye (guest) 19 Oct 2009, 10:38 -0-700

you dare insult my intelligence with this crap. [bleep]. I have HARD FACTS that proove 2012.
1 - Nasa knew about planet x in 1983
2 - The egyptians knew about nibiru (proven documents)
3 - The sun spot cycle happens on a major basis every 11,500 years. You CANNOT stop this.
4 - Due to the earth weakening sun spots on our planet have increased dramatically
5 - Nibiru and the anunaki DO EXIST. Various structures on our planet that are impossible for humanity to build EXIST.
6 - You dare mention NASA. LIES LIES LIES. Its in the interest of any governemt to control the populace and in this theory they would say black is white in order to mantain a status quo. (I bet thats why they didnt mention plans for space warfare to you against so called "terrorists") now thats a joke in itself..
7 - It may come of no circumstance to you that many ancient tribes/people have been on this planet and experienced the events that have passed. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU SIT THERE ANY DENY WHAT OUR PAST IS IF YOU HAVE NEVER WITNESSED IT….[bleep] hypocrits.
8 - You have NO KNOWLEDGE on the egyptian hall of records. NONE. That proves alot about this planet.
9 - You obviously have no knowledge of the recent aurora over chine (oct 10) This PROVES that a pole shift is on the way. DONT YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ASTROLOGY??
10 - You insult my [bleep] intelligence. Your probably government run and your full of shit just like nasa.

Ian Blues #1

First Name: Ian
Last Name: Blues
E-mail: <redacted>
Date: Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 11:56 PM

Your Message: You are absolutely ridiculous with the statements on your site. You should not only be shut down, but made fun of in every sense of the statement "made fun of"! The Mayans calender was the first evidence of people knowing that not only the earth was round and circled the sun, but that the sun and our small solar system circled something bigger. In fact, that's what their calender is based on….. Morons!!!! Wait, I meant retards!!!!! How do you even tie your shoes? Maybe you should find an education. I hear you can pretend you know what you're talking about even more then…. Anything I can do to help douche-bunkers…. How about trying to prove a theory instead of discredit it? Is that maybe too hard for a bunch of douche bags who can't think their way to reality? Much easier to prove anything can't happen. At least for dumb asses like you….

Ian Blues #2

First Name: Ian
Last Name: Blues
E-mail: <redacted>
Date: Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 11:57 PM

Your Message: This is my second communication with your uneducated guesses. How dare you exploit children for website validation. Talking about young people "ending it now" Is absolutely unforgivable. Maybe you could go in the direction of early writings of prophets and how to change prophecies instead of instilling fears in our youth. You are by far the most incredulous website I have ever run across. You have, without a doubt, stumbled on a whole new level of stupidity in the human race.

"Scientiists and Mayan Scholars"

First Name: Educated Community
Last Name: Scientiists and Mayan Scholars
E-mail: <redacted>
Date: Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 5:48 PM

Your Message: You guys are a bunch of complete moronic, uneducated bunch of idiots and bafoons. No wonder the world is in the state it's in with morons like you disseminating your crap on the net, because it's not regulated enough to keep idiots like you off of it. Go back to Kindergarten and your play toys where you be long. I'll bet Peewee Herman is your heroe and provided the content for this site.

Don't bother me with the real facts, I like my fake ones

This conversation occurred on twitter

RT @OMGFacts: The Ancient Mayans have predicted the world will end on December 21, 2012. They also worshipped a Corn God named Ah Mun. # … 12:24 PM Dec 18th from web

My reply:

<name deleted> They didn't predict that, and they had hundreds of gods. 12:33 PM Dec 18th from Seesmic in reply to <name deleted>

The response:

@2012hoax Dude. I obviously did not write the tweet. I RETWEETED it. Ok we know now. We're finished. G'bye.

A "Free Thinker"

First email

This was received via our contact form. Obviously the person who submitted this did not actually read the contact form, because it clearly says that the form is for reporting site problems or asking about becoming a member of the site.

First Name: Free
Last Name: Thinker
E-mail: [redacted]
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 11:42:32

Your Message: Who are you trying to convince, is or yourself?

Statistical probability says that the more samples you have, the more likely you are of finding the true mean. You have show only a tip of the iceberg of people saying the end is near, and most of them you have simply debunked them by saying you heard they were wrong. You fail to see the big picture behind all of the proclaimants.

[website redacted, yeah, like I'm going to give him any traffic]

PS. When do you plan on debunking the Bible?

Buddy, you've obviously never heard of the fallacy of the appeal to the number. Let me fill you in. Just because a lot of people say "x is true" does not mean that "x is true". A lot of people used to think that your skin color determines your intellect. Never mind that pesky evidence, we have the people on our side!

My response

Obviously you did not read the form that you sent this through. It says "NOTE: This form is intended to report problems with the site, or to inquire about becoming a member of the site. The email generated by the form goes to the site administrator's email account. Answering emails sent to this account may take up to 48 hours. Questions or concerns about 2012 in general should be more properly asked in our discussion forums where they will be answered much more quickly."

I don't have time to debate everybody who sends an email to this address. You're only the 6th person today to send me an email through the contact form today.

As far as our motivation, we make that clear on the opening page. If you want a debate, post on our forums. As far as our evidence, we list that in the bibliography at the bottom of each page. If you don't agree with us, fine, move along.

As for the Bible, I don't intend to "debunk" it. I do, however, debunk specific claims made about certain parts of the bible. Refer to the 'Claimed Predictions' page, the 'Wormwood' page.

I personally don't have the time or patience to engage everybody's pet theory, yours included.

Now this person has put a 'debunkers' section on his page, saying that he "sent an email" but I replied with a "nasty note". I was terse, yes, but certainly not "nasty". Guess what, "free thinker", you *still* don't get any traffic from us! Ha!

Here, in all of it's glory, is his rebuttal to this entire site:

Another type of debunker is the shallow deceiver. This type of debunker is very common. My favorite is at www.2012hoax.org. This site seems to be very thorough, but you need to really read what they are saying. Most of their debunking material is not corroborated by anything. They simply say “I asked this unknown scientist if this theory was true, and he said it wasn’t, so it must be a fact.” They also offer no research or evidence. They try and deceive you by using words like maybe, or could be. They make fun of PhD’s like they have some sort of education to back up their skepticism, when they clearly do not. They offer sarcastic quips to try and make them sound cool. Things like “my calendar ends too, but it doesn’t mean the end of the world” Once again….no evidence or proof, just insults and sarcasm. I once emailed the owner of 2012hoax.org and he sent me a nasty note saying he doesn’t have time to debate my pet theories. Ahhh….the response of someone with no ammo to fight back with. You must be very careful reading some of these sites. They sound convincing, but so did the scientists and skeptics screaming that the world was flat. If you read their sites, use the same logic I have asked you to use with my site. Research, ask questions, and think for yourself.

Obviously he has spent a lot of time looking at our pages, especially the extensive bibliographies on each one. Whereas on his site quotes from the bible, and links to various news stories.

Oh well. Enough time wasted.

Dumbest site

First Name: Chris
Last Name: S.
E-mail: [redacted]

Your Message: This is the dumbest site i've ever come across. 2012 is a serious problem for your narcissistic lack of irony pea brain. Science is catching up to what the Egyptian priests were told about. You should wipe that smerk off your face. The zodiac wheel is the key to your ability to even open your fingers to type up such a stupid site. No sense of irony. No clue. Be prepared for 2012+25years.


Really? Dumber than this?

I may be narcissistic, but at least I have a good self-image. However, my sense of irony is working just fine, judging by the fact that your message is ironic in its lack of anything resembling evidence or argument. For example, please detail what "the Egyptian priests were told about", who told them, and in what ways "Science is catching up".

I've got smerk on my face? Is that kind of like peanut butter?

I manged to type this without reading my horoscope. I fail to see how the "zodiac wheel is the key" to anything.

What is going to happen in 2037? At first I thought this was a reference to Apophis, but that makes its close approach in April of 2036.

Nice Try

Well, not really. More of a rather pathetic try. We received the following email via our contact form:

First Name: Daniel
Last Name: Morrision
E-mail: vog.asan|noisirromnad#vog.asan|noisirromnad
Your Message:Hello,

First Of All I Have To Say That This Site Is Just Crazy . Please Understand That NASA Never Said That The 2012 Event(s) Will Not Happen. We Just Say That There Is No Concrete Evidence . But As You Know The Sun Is Acting Strange and Showing Signs Of A Very Very Active Period Like Never Before Seen Already.This Could Damage Our Satellites and Our Electricity Grid For The Whole Planet Could Be Shut Down For Many Many Years . Therefore Please Do Not Say That NASA Says That Nothing Will Happen . We Are Warning You Now , That Solar Storms May Occur And The Government Of The United States Will Be Providing Safe Zones For Some Selected Amount Of Population . Please Be Alarmed , And You Should Take Care Of Your Own Self.

Have A Good Day,
NAI Senior Scientist,
Daniel Morrision ,
June 11th 2010.

With all due respect to the author of this message, I feel the need to point out a few mistakes.

1) That should be David Morrison, not Daniel Morrision.
2) Punctuation marks typically do not have a leading space.
3) It is not necessary to capitalize the first letter of each word, only the first letter of a sentence, or proper pronouns, etc.
4) If you are going to impersonate a NASA scientist, you should at least keep your message consistent with published remarks made by that scientist (by the way, David, if you read this, thanks for recommending our site. That means a great deal to us.)

Caught in the Dragnet

This site is just lame as hell.

dragnet53 (guest) 31 Aug 2010, 18:29 GMT

i bet this site also doesn't realize how this world seems to be getting worse as 2012 comes closer to its date. But your right it isn't December 21, 2012 and it is October 28, 2011. Damn they still haven't fixed the american economy and they still haven't fixed that leak in the gulf of mexico. A lot of experts are now stating if things continue this country will be headed towards a depression yet again. By the way tell stereologist I said hi. =)

Oh by the way, Hopi prophecies are 100% correct so far comet holmes was the prediction of the blue star kachina. oh noes the prophecy was discovered by modern man in the early 1900's! You also note that civilizations don't last forever now!

This one actually appeared in the comments to this page and I thought it was funny/stupid enough to post here. Plus I haven't posted a rant in a while.

So, 'dragnet53', TheGreatJujuTheGreatJuju has asked you some specific questions below. Care to answer? We had some other questions for you over in the other thread you started, and you appear to have missed the opportunity to answer those as well. Also ticktockticktock wonders why you would identify Comet Holmes, which was green, with the "Blue star kachina"?

That's just sick

Well, "Ill" informed anyway.

First Name: dave
Last Name: [redacted]
E-mail: [redacted]
Your Message: all i have to say is you are ill informed and when it does happen…well i can't say i told you so ….but ill be underground… also why are so many underground bunkers being made in a hurry the government knows, but they dont want the vast majority to

Will TOO Happen!

Such a powerful argument. I feel like throwing in the implied "nyah, nyah!". I'm glad he didn't pay too much for his "thinking"

First Name: Free
Last Name: Thinker
E-mail: [redacted]
Your Message: 2012 Doomsday Will Happen, Nostradamus Said It. So Did Einstein, The Maya, The Hopi, and the I Ching. This Site Sucks.

Look out for the Sciientiistss!

This one arrived shortly after the one above, and I did not pull the name or email out, it arrived that way. I have to wonder how they can spell "redacted" but not "scientists" or "scholars" or "this" or "site" or "uneducated".

First Name: Sciientiistss annd Mayan Schoolars
Last Name: [redacted]
E-mail: moc.rotaniliam|detcadeR#moc.rotaniliam|detcadeR
Your Message: Those siite is Un Eduucaated.

Terrence McKenna

First Name: JOHN
Last Name: C«redacted»
E-mail: «redacted»
Your Message: To make such a statement regarding Terence Mckenna's findings I'd like to say are shit-brained thinking only going off your own skeptic views which I commend you for however the work of Terence Mckenna is widley accepted and in the words of Alex Grey so crazy it just might work. So before making a "hater" website do some real research.


So there! Nyah, nyah!

First Name: 2012
Last Name: is real
E-mail: 2012isreal@«redacted»
Your Message: This website is a complete joke! You work for the old world order who will all soon be gone! Get a life!! 2012 is a new awakening! Sorry you will not be there

Ahh hahahahah! … no!

First you insult me, and then you ask for personal information? Get real!

First Name: john
Last Name: rock
E-mail: «redacted»
Your Message: your site is nothing more then disinformation.
send me your telephone number and let me talk to directly

In response, I sent 'John' the following email:

Nobody at the site has my phone number, not even the admins. There are plenty of ways to get in touch with me without violating my privacy. If you want a debate about issues, I'll happily oblige you.

Oh, by the way: http://www.2012hoax.org/rants#toc16

The last link points to this entry on this page.

His classic response was:

go «bleep» yourself

Woah, I'm overcome by the sheer logic in his argument… not.

Update: After seven days, 'John' sent me the following:

u r a coward

I don't think so, 'John'.


Question Answer
First Name: Tony
Last Name: Boloni
E-mail: usuk*@yahoo.com
Your Message: You besmirch someone who espouses what the ancients knew and tried to warn us. You do nothing but muddy the waters and hide. COWARD!!!

Well, "Tony", considering the fact that you didn't give your real name1 (and mine is 'Bill Hudson', by the way), failed to identify who we have 'besmirched', where we did this horrible act, provide proof of your claims of what the 'ancients knew', where they said it, and when they said it, you have very little room to be swinging the 'COWARD' label around.

More John Rock

Apparently "John Rock" (above) isn't done with us yet. He's sent two messages (one on April 9th, 2011 and a second on April 14th, 2011) where he sarcastically praises us for keeping the infamous 'jcattera' of YouTube at the top of google results.

April 9th email

Question Answer
First Name: john
Last Name: rock
E-mail: «redacted»
Your Message: wow
thanxs[sic] alot[sic] for having the jcaterra site at the top of google everytime[sic] I search for it. I love the information he presents . Thank you again for having the link to his page right at the top og[sic] google

April 14th email

Question Answer
First Name: john
Last Name: rock
E-mail: «redacted»
Your Message: Im[sic] happy that a link to jcaterras[sic] sight is always on the top of google. Keep up the good work- google needs more disinforments[sic] like you

This brings up a couple of interesting points:

  1. A set of discussions about 'jcattera' (mis-spelled 'jcaterra') does in fact appear first in the results of a search for 'jcaterra'
  2. A search on 'jcattera' does not produce the same results, but rather we're all the way down at number 3 and 4. Boo hoo.

All in all, not bad for a site that really doesn't do any SEO.

Meanwhile, "John", although I realize that the individual is sometimes incorrectly referred to as 'jcaterra' in the forums here on this site, it is actually 'jcattera'. Also, please invest a few moments of time in your communications, rather than just dashing them off full of spelling errors. I'm not usually a stickler for spelling, but trying to wade through and discern the meaning in your little missives is made more of a chore because of it.


Your name:
Conspiracy Theorist


This site is ridiculous. When 2012 comes, you will be sorry that you besmirched someone as great as Marshall Masters. 2012 apocalypse is reality.

Well, "Conspiracy Theorist", we think that Marshall Masters is one of the foremost Profits of Doom, because he actively promotes the idea of 'Nibiru' (albeit the Nancy Lieder version). I anticipate that in 2013 he will have moved on to another date so that he can continue selling his books and DVDs.

Mary Smith

First Message

Form data:

Your name:
Mary Smith


I am all for open discussion, but your attack on Trevor Alexander (Alexander Retrov) is outrageous. You do not focus on his 'predictions' and theories, you begin by attempting to discredit him by dragging up his past; a past in which he was the victim of a lying attention seeking teenage girl. He was fully acquitted in a court of law and deserves the right to call himself an innocent man. Yet you do not accord him that right, you probably haven't even read a transcript of the trial. You don't even have the courage to put your names up on this site and stand behind your words, at least Alex has that courage.

Second Message

Form data:

Your name:
Mary Smith


You are amateurs in every sense except the true meaning of the word (for love) as you bitter twisted self-opinionated view expose you all for the people you really are. Well you shall reap what you sow tenfold as watch carefully how you and your family now experience illness, accidents, and financial troubles. God does not take kindly to people such as yourself, those who sit in judgement. Consider yourself cursed, and observe the power of your universe at work. As to showing up on your rants page, most of your own waffle should be on your rants page, so please place me where you will, it will not affect the things that will unfold for each of you and your families.

Our Response

Well, "Mary Smith" (is that your real name?), our rebuttal to Alexander Retrov/Trevor Alexander is based on his claims. The bit about his legal history is there because we assume that he is using the pseudonym to avoid people connecting his name with his prior history in the court system. This suggests that he's a bit touchy about it, and we wonder why?

You appear to have stopped reading the page at that point, since you skipped over our rebuttal to his main claim, that the tiny Comet Elenin was either Nibiru, or was being followed by Nibiru. You seem to have ignored the main point of the page, which was that Retrov/Alexander's claims are impossible, both geologically and astronomically.

As far as your ill wishes toward our families, let me hold up this mirror so you can repeat your claim about how "God does not take kindly to people … who sit in judgement".

Oh, and by the way, the names of some of our contributors (including myself) are posted on the About Us page.

"So much for the hoax"

Form data:

Your name:
So much for the hoax

Site Name:
Fox News

Site Address:

Planes expected to reroute following massive solar eruption, so I guess your statement on the solar flares page was wrong.

Hmm… is it? Judge for yourself.

Our response to this email:

It appears that you missed the reference to a "rare precaution" of diverting high altitude airliners around the pole… "rare" as in: It has happened before. I'm sure you also missed the reference to the "strongest since 2005"… gee, I wonder what happened in 2005? Did the world end? Did all of the aircraft and satellites come crashing down suddenly? I seem to have missed that part.

It appears that a direct flight from New York to (for example) Mongolia passes directly over the North Pole. It also appears that it might be prudent to divert it around that region in order to avoid problems. I'm not sure how you think this proves anything with regard to 2012.

Hello Dr. Carroll

I received this message from another wikidot user, under the subject "Hello Dr. Carroll"

we are back again, and there are more of us
now and we will shut you down again
and again and again and permanently
mr caroll and all your hateful sick and
dis-eased activities that you carry inside

your mind, heart and soul…


My reaction was to reply, but apparently the user roaming the nightroaming the night only wishes to threaten us with 'shutting us down'. My solution? I reported the account to Wikidot.


Your name: CAB

Email: [redacted]


No comment necessary.

Pane Andov

Form data:
Your name: PANE ANDOV
Email: «redacted»

This website was brought to my attention today. I have checked the provided link and I have seen what your website is all about. Personally I have nothing against what someone believes regarding to the 2012. My information always Information Purposes Only, as stated on my websites, talks, and lectures. Just my personal view of reality and what is happening, nothing more and nothing less. However, I really do not appreciate someone blacking my name and reputation. I have contact my lawyers and they will be in contact with FBI http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx
to resolve this issue.

(part 2)

Form data:
Your name: PANE ANDOV
Email: «redacted»

part 2. I'm sure they will be contacting you soon. I demand that you apologize and remove your webpage about myself, otherwise I will be forced to take legal action and eventually take your website down. I can assure you that I have the funds, the right people and ability to do that. So once again, I didn't do anything wrong to anyone of you, I haven't offend anyone of you, please remove my content from your website before I will be forced to take legal action against your offending and blacking my name. Respectfully, Pane Andov

LOL. Ok, Mr. Andov, here is my reply:

1) The Pane Andov page (which I've barely gotten started on) will stay up.
2) If it were that easy to take down a site that provides criticism, we would have been taken down a long time ago.
3) I suggest you ask your lawyers about "free speech", "fair use" and "criticism".
4) I'm sure that your request to the FBI will result in their amusement.
5) Ever heard of the "Streisand Effect"?

Oh by the way, you've just given me the motivation to finish the page on you. Stay tuned.

I Believe Marshall Masters

Form data:

Your name: I Love Marshall Masters
Email: «redacted»


I think that is supposed to read: "You're a gay moron that doesn't know how good Masters is".

Frankly I'm surprised that the author of this message was able to send it at all, considering it used technology well above the coloring-book level.
Form data:

More "I Believe Marshall Masters"

Your name: I Love Marshall Masters

Email: «redacted»


Yes, exactly as I thought. Thanks for the confirmation.

Even more "I Believe Marshall Masters"

(Except now it's "I LOVE Marshall Masters")

Your name: I Love Marshall Masters
Email: «redacted»

Ok, let me see if I can help… that key over on the far left labelled "Caps Lock", yeah, that one… tap it once so that the "Caps Lock" light on your keyboard turns off. Now you hit the 'Shift' key when you want to capitalize something, like the first word in a sentence, or a proper noun like "Marshall Masters". It works much better that way.

Also, a bit of spell-check wouldn't hurt. It's "morons" not "molrones", "like", not "liek", etc.

As far as this being the last time speaking with us… we can only hope.

Donny Gillson

Your name: donny gillson
Email: «redacted»

Comments: Ok,

Since I am the NUMBER ONE PROFIT OF DOOM and Hoaxter on this board. I would like to challenge the authors of this board to a debate on my radio show. Also since I have have been slandered on this website. I will be getting my attorney to contact the owner of this site and sue you for every f«bleep» dollar!! YOU F«bleep» GET ME!! I am sick of this f«bleep» bullshit! I have done nothing to you! NOR this site; however, I have been slandered and false statement have been written about me on this forum and within this site. Making the owner of this site liable for all psychological injury and fiscal injury that I am indure. I am ready for a fight are you ready to fight me? Come on my radio show you f«bleep» HACK!

Donny appears to be upset that we have information on this site that is critical of his claims

My Emailed response to Donny;

You mean the radio show where you brag about controlling the mic and how much you enjoy cutting people off? No thanks.

This site exists in order to critique various claims about the end-of-the-world. The page of information on your claims is only just getting underway, and I promise much more detailed information will be posted as I go through your many hours of video and audio recordings. Such commentary and criticism is allowed under Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright law. Have your lawyers explain it to you, since you seem to be a bit confused on the subject.

However, in the interest of accuracy, is there a specific error of fact that you would like to correct?

By the way, Donny, the legal term you are looking for is libel, or perhaps defamation not slander, and for the record, we endeavor to provide accurate, factual information. You are invited to point out any errors on the web page, and we will review them, and make any edits necessary.

More email from Donny

Ya all of it you f«bleep» moron! Mr. William Hudson good to have your name as I expose you f«bleep» pathetic hack!! Plus you have no f«bleep» clue who I am .. you can not even get my political affiliation correct. lol..what a hack…oh and who would those friends be,..you f«bleep» dip shit.

Well, I see your level of discourse has not improved any.

Yes, my name is "William Hudson". I'm the founder of this website. I also do a lot of the editing (although not all of it). I actually have a pretty good idea who you are, Donny. Your political and religious affiliations were taken right off of your Facebook profile, but since I didn't capture a copy of it, and since you've since edited it, I've removed it from your page. Happy? By the way 'Zombie' says "Hi".

Another email

No I will let you dig your own grave you f«bleep» hack!

Presumably this is in response to my request that you identify any factual errors. Now here's how this works… you start shouting about defamation and libel (actually you said "slander" but so be it), and I kindly offer to correct any factual errors. You have now refused to do so. This sets up a positive defense in the extremely unlikely event that you actually can get a lawyer interested in pursuing a case against this site.

The offer still stands, by the way.

Yet another email

BTW I believe I will take you on my friend..since your site is covered under fair use..I will just go ahead and help you out a little show all my subs what a pathetic moron you really are. What a hack..dedicating all your hard hours to me?? FOr what??? HAHAHAHAHA To funny..way to funny good luck on all that now :)

Well, actually the site is licensed under a very liberal creative commons license. No defense of "fair use" will be necessary, provided you actually quote the site accurately and identify it as the source. No, I don't dedicate all my hours to you. I have several pages I'm working on. Yours was just the next one on the list, because I was asked about you.

And another …

Oh and I like how you say your a christian..wink wink .. nice one..how many have you brought to the LORD my friend? I can count many that i have brought to the Lord.

Irrelevant, and frankly none of your business.

And yet another …

Oh and one more thing..be looking for me coming to say hi at the Fremont Peak Observatory sometime soon..You may never know when I may have to talk to a supervisor down there or something..Just an FYI and a heads up..maybe we can meet for coffee or maybe something else. HA HA HA

Actually I would like it very much if you came to Fremont Peak. Just let me know which public event you'll be attending, and I'll be there (schedule permitting) to show you the real sky. Maybe you'll learn something. Oh, were you under the impression that FPOA is my employer? No, it's a volunteer astronomy association. You can talk to whoever you like there. The website is http://www.fpoa.net, and you'll find the contact information there.

Let's see now, that is six emails you've sent me Donny. It appears that I've upset you. So sorry.

My second email response to Donny

Political and religious affiliations taken right off of your Facebook profile, Donny, but since I see you have edited those out, and I didn't capture the profile to PDF (won't make that mistake again) I will change that reference. See how reasonable I am?

Actually it now appears that the political and religious affiliations were restored to your profile. Now I have it captured as a PDF, so, since I have the proof, I'll be restoring those to your page.

Email #7 From Donny

And by the way I DO NOT PROFIT FROM ANYTHING I DO!! Lets understand the word PROFIT!! MAKING MONEY above and on top of what you put out!! SEE YOUR SO WRONG ABOUT ME..SO F«bleep» WRONG! But you know what…The Lord knows who I am..and I am a good man..I dont know what the hell your deal is with me..but you are so f«bleep» wrong about me..SO F«bleep» WRONG..btw I hear the sarcasm in your email…f«bleep» pathetic,

My, we're a mass of contradictions, aren't we? You are a 'Professional' broadcaster on Freedomizer Radio, but you make no money? You're going to sue us for 'fiscal injury', but you don't profit from anything you do? You beg for donations both on your website and in some of your videos, and on your facebook page.

My 'deal' with you is the same 'deal' I have with all of the others we profile on this site: You spread nonsense and generate fear. People like you are the reason why people like Isabel Taylor are not with us any more. Yes, I have a problem with that … a huge problem with that.

Email #8 From Donny

Corps and people like David Wilcock and others have made money for years..I ask for a simple donation to support my channel..I MAKE NO MONEY from anything!! Hell I have even returned donations…so get it right before you write bullshit about me!! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME NOTHING! and the so called friends you having working with you..tell them I said get f«bleep» to..because the do not know me either..never met me..never truly spoken to me…so what you are getting is simple bullshit..so they can get f«bleep» too!

Yes, I have a problem with David Wilcock's claims as well. I know enough about you to know that your claims are nonsense, your videos use hysterically bad astronomy, and you go jumping around the sky looking for 'kite formations' (even picking out the Southern Cross as a 'kite formation'). Guess what, Donny? It's stupid. Your claims are bunk. Your recent videos are all 'yap yap yap' with zero information, you're just talking to hear yourself talk at this point.

Get over it, get a life, get a job2, and stop this 'Nibiru' crap.


Your name: wilson

Email: «redacted»

What a lousy site, no evidence, just pompous boasting, derision and scoffing. Who pays for all this crap?

Well 'Wilson'3, since you gave me a fake email address, this is my only way of answering you.

The answer to your question is that I do. I have paid for this site out of my own pocket, to the tune of around $500 over the course of 4 years.

You are right about the derision and scoffing… that's what happens when people make unsupported assertions… they get made fun of and scoffed at. I would contend that we have supplied plenty of evidence, which you fail to have noticed. Perhaps you need some reading glasses? Or maybe classes, not glasses?

A "Miserable" site

Your name: Go All T. Way

Email: moc.xxx|ppp#moc.xxx|ppp

I think this is a miserable site.
Don't you see the irony of investing time to disgrace a man who will be forever and eternally disgraced if the world does not end. I hope the world does end so that mean, jealous bitches like you will be gone.

Well, "Go All T. Way", since you didn't bother to tell us which of the several 2012 'profits of doom' you are talking about, then I'll just address your post in general.

This site exists primarily to help prevent further tragedies like Isabel Taylor's suicide, not to 'disgrace' anyone. However, that is just a bonus, as far as I'm concerned. Anyone predicting the 'end of the world' in 2012 deserves whatever disgrace can be heaped on them. I'm not 'jealous' of them, rather their reckless disregard for the effects of their activities makes me sick. They cause the negligent infliction of emotional distress with no feeling of remorse or responsibility.

In other words, I really couldn't care less if I hurt their feelings. They'll just have to lump it.


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