Resources for fighting the spread of the "2012 Doomsday" hoax

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2012 is a hoax!

If you are someone who is interested in debunking the various claims made about a "2012 Doomsday", hopefully this page will give you some of the ammunition you need.

For Teachers

Alice Enevoldsen (Pacific Science Center)

Alice Enevoldsen of the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA, has written a resource for teachers who would like to talk to their students about 2012. The article has been published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific for their "Universe in the Classroom" series, and is available online at and as a PDF at


obaeyensobaeyens "Debunking Nibiru" series

I am trying to create a series of simulations using gravity debunking Nibiru on Youtube.
The fight for me is with real numbers. Not some fuzzy biblical text.

First one is determining an orbit.
This orbit seems the only one that could sneak up against us because it has the furthers distance to the main planets and has the least influence on our solar planets except Earth because it gets so close.

This continues the orbit of the first episode showing that the period of Nibiru is very unstable. There is no 3600 fixed predictable period.

Just added my 3rd clip
This one shows the effect of a 5 Jupiter mass Nibiru making Mayans cry when it changes all planet orbits during its pass through the solar system.
I predict depressed Mayans back then since their fine tuned calender is now unusable.

I added a 4th one, even though I should have give more time to my GF this weekend. LOL

2012 believers always conveniently ignore the fact that Nibiru, even how massively it is, gets influenced by our own planets.
This clip shows the effect our planets have on Nibiru and how small a change in speed change of a mere 0.1 km/s can alter Nibiru's orbit/Period in such a way that it completely misses Earth.

Next clip might take a looong time since it takes 4 hours to create one.

3WMElliott's Videos

3WMElliott3WMElliott has created numerous videos on his YouTube channel, including the "Nibiru Nonsense" series and other topics.

David Morrison

Astrobiologist and NAI senior scientist David Morrison has given a series of talks titled "Surviving 2012 and Other Cosmic Disasters," wherein he addresses many of the prevailing 2012 doomsday myths.



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