Native Americans
Do Native American prophecies support a 2012 doomsday?

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Tejon, a Serrano man. Photograph by Edward S. Curtis, 1924.
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Red Flags

"Native American Shaman"

The term "shaman" is attached to various roles within indigenous populations. The term itself originates in the orient, in areas of Siberia.

No native American would describe themselves as "shaman".

There is no title "shaman" within a native American tribe.

Charging for training

Native Americans are typically very choosy about teaching people their traditions. They will typically not do this for an "outsider". You would have to be accepted by the tribe in question first. They do not charge for teaching.

Many "new age frauds" charge for teaching.

What they teach is not native American tradition. It is a caricature of native American tradition, or most frequently it is new age woo wearing a hollywood-style feathered headdress.




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