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These are the rules for participation in the forums.

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2012 is a hoax!

I was hoping to avoid this, but it seems that without a set of guidelines, that some people will fail to use common sense.

The Rules (Updated 2012-12-13)

This set of rules is not all-inclusive, nor is it hard and fast. Administrators and moderators are expected to use their best judgement in handling any situations that arise. The forums are not actively moderated, where each post has to be approved, but they are monitored, and posts may be edited for content or removed at the discretion of the moderator/admin. These rules apply to the discussion forum, the 'Per Page' comments threads, and the 'talk' pages.


As of today (December 13, 2012) any member found to be trolling others, especially others who are scared and looking for answers, will be summarily banned. With the amount of traffic and posts we are receiving, we simply do not have time to deal with your nonsense.

Anonymous (Guest) posting turned off

Due to a rising tide of people trolling and/or spamming the forums, the ability to post anonymously has been turned off. People wishing to post to the forums will now have to register as a wikidot user. You can do that here. You do not need to be a site member in order to post to the forums, only a registered wikidot user.

Search before you ask!

At the top of the page is a search box. Please use it to search the pages and forum BEFORE you create a new thread. We have a lot of people asking questions that have already been addressed. If that search box is not doing it for you, there is also a Google Search tool.

1. Stay on topic

This site is about the "2012 Doomsday" hoax, and related issues. It is not about the New World Order, the Illuminati, UFOs, alternate physics, time-travel, religion, or the idea that global warming is a hoax, except as these may pertain to the "2012 Doomsday" hoax. The forums are not "open" where any subject is welcome, they are provided in order to answer questions people may have regarding the pages, to request clarification, etc.

1.1 No, really. Stay on topic!

Not all topics are welcome, even in the "Off Topic" forum. The site is not intended to serve as a platform for the discussion of any and every conspiracy theory under the sun. It is specific to the "2012 doomsday" hoax. If you came here to rabble-rouse for your pet conspiracy theory, expect your posts to be summarily deleted. Look, if you want a wide-open free-for-all debate, go post on Usenet.

For example, a discussion of whether or not Whitley Strieber's stereotypical gray aliens exist is off topic. A discussion of whether or not gray aliens can turn our sun supernova in 2012 is marginally topical. A discussion of whether or not the Maya inherited their calendar from grays is topical. However, if the mods/admins feel that you are trying to 'work' the rules, by trying to link an off-topic subject to the 2012 doomsday hoax in order to make it topical, you may find that everything you post mysteriously disappears.

Example: Threads about Harold Camping

This site has been inundated with questions and discussion threads about Harold Camping. Camping's doomsday predictions are a matter of religious belief, and are not related to the 2012 doomsday hoax (unless Camping decides at some point in the future that his 'Judgement Day' prediction coincides with the Mayan Calendar). In order to keep the site on topic, all threads on Harold Camping outside of the discussion thread under the page on Harold Camping will be locked and moved to the 'Off Topic' forum group.

2. Support your claims

If you make a claim, then you need to support it. If you do not provide evidence of your claim, expect to be asked about it. If you fail to produce evidence for your claims, expect to be laughed at.

We're not going to do your homework for you. If you make a blanket claim (for example "scientists say that in 2012 "x" will happen") then you need to provide supporting evidence for that claim. For example, a citation that shows who the scientist is, what they said, and when they said it.

3. Listen to your hosts

If a moderator or admin tells you that a particular subject line is off topic, or that you are going a bit over the top in your posts, consider that a warning. There may not be a second one.

4. Keep it clean

This site is visited by people of all ages. There have been posts in this forum by children as young as 11, and I have been told that the forums are read by children as young as 8 or 9. Keep this in mind as you write your next forum post. People who post offensive remarks about others, or who use profile names that are offensive may find that their posts mysteriously disappear.

5. Keep it respectful

Argue against the issues, not against the people. Some people have complained in the past that they were attacked for asking a question. Keep in mind that some of the visitors here have been traumatized by the 2012 doomsday rumors. Don't victimize them a second time.

6. This is not a democracy

This site is run by private individuals for a specific purpose. If you are told to stop doing something here, then stop doing it. Attempting to appeal the decisions of the moderators or admins will most likely not work. They were picked because they demonstrated a level-headedness that was desirable. If you feel a 'rule' is being inconsistently applied, tough. See the top of this page about how the mods/admins are expected to use their best judgement. We expect them to make decisions, and not double-check every time they have to say something to you.

The Administrators and Moderators

The site founder is Astrogeek a.k.a. 2012hoax2012hoax.


Administrators have all rights within the site. They can add/remove pages, forums, users, and change the permissions of the site. The only thing an administrator cannot do is delete the entire site; that is reserved to the "Master Administrator". The following users have administrator rights:

Alene YAlene Y
AstrogeekAstrogeek Master Administrator
Dave McKayDave McKay


Moderators have a subset of administrator privileges. They can generally do anything to pages and forum posts, but are not allowed to ban users. The following users have moderator rights:



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