One of the authors of this site describes an encounter between a girl and the 2012 doomsday hoax.

By 2012hoax

Sarah1 is an adolescent girl who is friends with my daughter. Sarah heard about the "2012 doomsday" from other kids at school. According to my daughter she became very upset and distraught, to the point of breaking down during a group meeting and becoming nearly hysterical.

My daughter finally got her to talk about what was bothering her, and when she found out that Sarah was worried about 2012, she knew exactly what to say: "Oh that… that's a hoax. Here, go to and I'll show you".

I did not hear about this from my daughter. I heard about this from Sarah's parents, who called me to thank me and my daughter for getting Sarah calmed down, and for showing her that the 2012 doomsday was just a hoax by people out for money.

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