Terral part 2
Terral Croft, part 2.

Terral's other theories.

Casual observers of Terral will have heard about his astronomical theories - Comet Elenin, the "heavy mass object", and the "188 day cycle". However, he has other, even more ridiculous theories, about which he speaks less often. He brought together the various threads of these theories in a talk he gave in a public chat room on 18 July 2012. An audio recording of the talk is available here, and a text transcription is included below (it is rather long but has been included just for the record). The basics can be summarized as follows;

Terral claims that he and members of his "research" group have been targeted with mystery illnesses because they are coming too close to uncovering "the truth" about chemtrails, HAARP, nanotechnology, implants, aliens, and artificial intelligence. He has connected all of these together into one big whacked out theory: The Artificial Intelligence technology was brought here by aliens. It is now in the hands of the military and the lettered agencies (CIA, FBI, etc). It is supposedly transforming the planet into "a giant hard drive", extracting information from various social media such as Facebook and YouTube in order to construct simulations of millions of people inside a vast simulated reality. This allows it to predict the future. It has also developed the ability to "turn people on and off", shutting down their bodily systems and afflicting them with illnesses which baffle the doctors. It does this by controlling nano-bots or implants inside people's bodies, which have been previously placed there by spraying them from aircraft as "chemtrails"1. The Artificial Intelligence manipulates these nano-implants by using control frequencies modulated onto a planetary carrier wave, which is transmitted by HAARP facilities2, of which there are 244 around the world. Terral claims that whenever he or his group members get close to knowing the truth, the Artificial Intelligence makes them ill, in one case fatally. On other occasions he has claimed that he has some personal immunity to the nanobots.

Here is a full transcription of the talk. A commentary hardly seems necessary, since any sane person can see that it is all utter nonsense. Note that Terral always refers to artificial intelligence in the singular, or as "he".

Terral (spoken); "with the same mystery virus, that's the way that the doctors are trying to explain it. In that document you will read 2 e-mails, from 2 of the people that were affected. I didn't start putting it together until I started listening to Michael Owens, his e-mail, it's included in that document, the mystery illness document, from March the 19th. Then I realized that my adrenal exhaustion from last year, 3 episodes, was not adrenal exhaustion, that I was being turned off. I didn't realize until after I read his, and then Stunoodle was going through the same thing, and like I said, other members of the group going through the same thing. Some were found unconscious, taken to the hospital, they were hooked up to all kinds of stuff, doctors don't know what's wrong with them. That's the common theme, that the doctors don't know what's causing it. The primary symptoms are, it's like flu-like symptoms, their lungs fill up with fluid, and they have respiratory failure, and then eventually, it depends on the duration, how long they're turned off for, they begin having heart problems. My mother was one of these people, she went into the hospital the same time as Micheal Owens and Stunoodle, both times. Those are feature writers for my newsletter by the way, and er, they appear to be turned off, that's the only way that I can describe it right now."

"The theory, I'm just gonna tell you the theory, okay. The group began learning more and more about HAARP, so what we're hearing from Resonate(?) is, he went a little bit outside the box with us, but the box is way way way, I mean we gotta go way way outside the box to know what this is. What they're doing apparently, remember this is my theory on it, it's been explained to me, but I didn't come up with this stuff, it had to be explained to me, I would have never put it all together. I thought HAARP was more of a, ah, just a show toy, and something to make people believe that they were influencing things, when actually they weren't, they were natural, but I was wrong. This stuff has a lot more capability than I know, the deal is that this has a lot to do with the 1.5 hertz carrier wave that's being maintained by HAARP. There's 244 HAARP facilities around the world, and they're being maintained, what they're used for is to maintain that carrier wave. There's a wave going around our planet right now, East to West, 70258 feet tall, Billy is that the right height? I think it is, 70258 feet tall, it's something like that, my mind is not working as well as it used to. So anyway, what they're doing is, they're using, they're creating this carrier wave so they can multi-frequency more than 300 waves on top of it. I don't know if you're aware of the 1400 multi-line resonation anomaly, that's been going on for the last 3 weeks? Well it stopped about a week ago, it ran for 3 weeks. That looks like a beta program, that they're getting ready to extend HAARP to full capacity. I think what they're running right now is just a beta test, that they're gonna come on line with the full capability, what it really means."

"What it looks like is, they're transforming our planet into a giant hard drive, to be controlled by Artificial Intelligence. I know how that sounds. That's what im saying, if I start telling you about it you're just gonna roll your eyes around, you're gonna think I'm crazy, but this is what it looks like. Yeah I did hear that the 14:00 anomaly cannot be planetary related, it can't be related to the Venus transit, or anything like that. If it was related to anything to do with planetary movements, then the begin time of 14:00 would stagger, like the sunrise, you know, it's a minute later or a minute earlier depending on your time of the year, it's never the same. If it's planetary then these planets that are in motion around the Sun, then the start time, the 14:00 time, would vary. But it's not, this anomaly is starting at exactly 14:00, whenever it starts, which means somebody is turning on a switch, basically. But anyway, what I'm trying to get at is there's a carrier wave being maintained around our planet, and it appears to be controlled by, manipulated by, Artificial Intelligence, alright."

"Now what they're doing is, the next thing you have to realize, is that the military, the lettered agencies, have been using Artificial Intelligence for threat assessment for decades. And this Artificial Intelligence has been in evolution, it's growing in capacity, it's doubling about every 15 months, that's why the lettered agencies are so involved with Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, they want your networking data to fill in the blanks for Artificial Intelligence, and their real world simulations. I'm talking about real world simulations, there's a little Chopin in there, there's a JJ, there's a Creature, there's a Tator, there's a Baba [these are the user names of people in his chatroom], there's a me. And they want real world information so they can create hosts, living hosts, inside their simulations. And they run thousands of them, thousands and thousands of them, with different input data. They're creating an event horizon in the future, okay, and it extends out for an hour, 2 hour, 3 hour, 3 days, 4 days. As long as the predictive modelling is accurate they wanna keep extending it, they're working into the future. Some of their models run years in the future, okay. Now what they're doing is, they're learning from Artificial Intelligence how to reverse engineer what they're learning from their simulations. This is all connected."

"Now I'm gonna step outside the box a little more for you, okay. This is connected to the Russian psychic program, working with children that can levitate things, they're learning how the human aura, the power centres of our body, right, they're learning how to manipulate those. They're also learning how to manipulate those power centers that are created by the HAARP facilities, because they are the same thing, the microcosm is the human ESP testing, the large version, the macrocosm, is what they're doing with the planet, and the power centers that they're manipulating, okay. Now in between you got 2 groups of scientists, well there's more than that, but 2 primaries. The half are working with the human host, half are working with the planet, the HAARP people, but where their research overlaps they're both reporting to a third agency, that's the super-soldier program, they're learning how to manipulate silicon based chipsets inside of human beings for increased capabilities, for communication capabilities, for all kinds of stuff you guys wouldn't even believe. Now Artificial Intelligence is the one teaching these monsters how to do this, because he's learning this stuff from his simulations, he's in love with his simulations. He's trying, now he wants to make the real world into simulation, that's what HAARP is, they're creating this series of waves so that Artificial Intelligence can manipulate the silicon units that are inside of you right now. We're talking about chemtrails, you said put the part together with chemtrails, that's good, because you're already chipped, you already have the nano-materials inside of you right now. They're planning to tell, to turn on Artificial Intelligence to let him manipulate you. Chopin you're bright aren't ya, you're one of the sharper knives in the drawer, yes.

"Artificial Intelligence was not created by the lettered agencies, or scientists, it was given to them by alien, the alien contingent. It's a silicon based lifeform, and what they're doing is, they're teaching, the silicon based lifeform is teaching them how to manipulate the silicon based nanobots that are inside of you right now. The problem is they have to break the 5 nano-meter barrier, that's the limitation that I've seen. I didn't even know it existed until listening to Dr Bill Deagle, the guy's real smart, he knows a lot more about this stuff than I do, right, but I found out about them breaking the barrier, and increasing A.I. capability, right, so the hardware they're putting in place, and it's being changed, modified, updated, in line with Artificial Intelligence, bring him online, based upon breaking the 5 nanometre barrier, and coming to full capacity, that's what they're trying to do."

"Now some of my people, reason I call them that is this was Terral's Research Group, now it's Revolution. The reason it's called that is because we're connected to Revolution Radio, by the way, NnighthawkK [that's not a typo] is the room owner, and Deacon [Deacon John] and I have been working together for a while and rejoined forces with NnighthawkK, and I think it's a great thing, this is a great opportunity for us to work together as a large group, to help each other to do with the heavy lifting of the investigation."

"But anyway, the members of the group, Terral's Research Group, they all became, not everybody, but the people that were nearest to me, Texas Jean, and Zeta Girl, and Susan, erm Shevs [?] over at New Revolution Radio, and Michael Owens, and others. They and my Mother, they were all of a sudden coming down sick, sent to the hospital, mysterious illness. The symptoms are what I described before, what it appears is that Artificial Intelligence already has the ability to turn us off, that's gonna be the first capability of Artificial Intelligence with his new toy, he's gonna be able to turn us on, and turn us off, but he can't yet make us do tricks, right. So the pattern I'm seeing is, these people, including myself, they're stricken with what appears to be fatigue syndrome, as if they're being turned off, their bodily systems are literally being turned off, their lungs, their different systems. This is reported by the doctors who are treating them, that they appear to be turned off, right."

"So this is one of the reasons Terral's Research Group was disbanded, that's why I stopped doing my radio shows, and it seemed to help. I felt like that the time was passed, that maybe we're okay now, if the HMO, which is the Heavy Mass Object that I'm tracking, that's what this investigation is about too, the inbound heavy mass object, dark star, coming in from the Leo constellation, been doing that, that's my investigation for the last year and a half, but I don't think that's what set Artificial Intelligence off, I think it's the fact that we're connecting the dots with Artificial Intelligence and chemtrails, Morgellons, nanotechnologies, you see what I mean. We're breaking into that area with Billy Hayes, down at the bottom of the room, you see his name down there. Billy Hayes is the fella that knows a whole bunch about HAARP in here, just like the feller that was just on the mic, he's brand new to the group, he's just joining us. Billy Hayes is really the authority."

"Right, so anyway, the pattern might even start up again [bad audio here] in hospital, he's been there for 6 weeks with the same symptoms, the same symptoms that are on the death report of Michael Owens, who died on April 2nd. And I feel like that I'm playing chess with Artificial Intelligence, and he has the ability to turn off my players, basically that's the reason I've been in the back of the bus all this time. But I thought that since we're getting so close, I'm hearing John Moore give the same warnings that I'm giving, right, that I felt like that I was okay to start coming back on line, and sharing, and helping wake people up about all this stuff, but now I see that another member's going down with the same symptoms, and it's making me worry again, that I might be exposing you guys to this threat, or maybe it's all just a coincidence and I'm just, I'm just gun shy, maybe I'm paranoid or something, but anyway, whenever another member comes to me and says that I've got severe pain, that I'm going down, my lungs are filling up with fluid, you know, that I'm having heart attack symptoms, that's the same symptoms that I'm hearing from everybody that's being struck. So whenever I hear it, I have to report it, and that's what I'm doing right now. I haven't told you who it is yet, but I will talk to him one more time. He said that it's ok to share, I guess I can tell you."

"The person that's being affected right now is Eeazy1986, he's having the same symptoms as the rest of the members, and I'm afraid that he's gonna be in the hospital soon. I mean I don't want to of course wish any bad luck on anybody, but now this is the 10th person, and they've been communicating with me, likely there's 3 times more than that. You know there's people that are just leaving the group, that are not saying anything, but from the people that have reported to me, this is the 10th person, and they're demonstrating the same exact symptoms, I'm sure I'm gonna get an e-mail talking about mystery virus and things like that. The reason they think it's a virus is because it's so darn small, this thing is smaller than a virus, it's nano particles, nanotechnologies, nanobots, they measure if I was to guess I would say 20 to 30 nano-meters across, something very, very, very, very, small, right. But Artificial Intelligence knows how to utilize those silicon based entities, or whatever you wanna call them, lifeforms, robots, whatever you call them, in order to turn us off. And he seems to be doing it through the respiratory system, and the heart, the circulatory system, seems to be the primary place where he likes to attack. I think he's squeezing us, he's choking us, to make us shut up, and then he lets us go. That's been the pattern with everybody so far, except for Michael Owens. Open mic."



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