Weather and 2012
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Weather has nothing to do with 2012 and is normal

A lot of proponents connect the recent weather to their unscientific nonsense as you all know. First off, the people claiming this have no idea how the weather is, the weather is sometimes above average, sometimes average and sometimes below average. This changes all the time.

The Tornadoes and Hurricanes

During tornado season, we had a number of tornadoes. This occurs every spring and summer. However, tornadoes can and sometimes do occur at any time during the year. Many people don't know that and think these tornadoes are rare or above average.

Then came hurricane season and ,sure enough, we're having hurricanes. The weather varies from year to year. This is normal and has nothing to do with 2012.

The Media

The media, the Weather Channel etc. inform us of weather. Once something newsworthy happens they release the news, like the tornado in Joplin that killed many people and was a EF5, then a lot of pseudo-scientists pick it up to support their claims, they have no idea that deadly twisters always happened.

Research it Yourself

If you like weather events you can research them, you'll quickly find out about tornadoes in history and at the end you will know that tornadoes and other severe weather events have always happened.


If you're worried about rain and flooding it's normal, look back at the historic floods, China etc., you will be surprised.

California Superstorm

The ARkStorm Summit was a meeting between security professionals, scientific agencies, policymakers, etc, to assist the autorities to prepare for the worst-case scenario, a superstorm in California that can occur at any time. It has nothing to do with 2012, but it was linked to the doomsday scenarios.

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Weather is like it always was and is not related to any end of the world. If it's above or below average, it doesn't really mean anything, because the weather never follows a pattern. Just read the data and see that nothing weird is going on.

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